Friday, October 1, 2010

Hop on over to Coco Rose .. She has a lovely Giveaway with some wonderful goodies..
Have a wonderful Evening

Oh what a day.......

Hi Everyone
Do you ever feel like your meeting yourself coming and going? Well that was today. On the spur of the moment i decided just before lunch to go visit mom. Now she lives in a senior apartment complex and they can go down to eat in the main dining hall or fix their own meals in their fully furnished kitchen in their apartment. Today she was eating with her friends. Since I knew that and was a bit hungry I decided to run into subway and get myself a 6 inch 9 grain with terriaki chicken and cheese to go. So I get there and we have lunch., Mom wasn't feeling to well again ( thank heaven I talked her into that stress test next week. Mom if your reading it remember you wanted to do it on the 21st.).Anyhow then we visit a while then I go home. Mail is here and my check is in the mail. Now my check is a hassle to get cashed. Even my bank puts it on a 8-10 hold due to it being a long term disability check and not a paycheck. So I decided here in Tomball there is a little Ace check cashing place to try that one... and Hallelujah.... it did. So off to the bank.. Deposited the money...yea.. then off to Hobby Lobby for some window shopping. I did find a lovely variegated yarn ( I love this Yarn) in a pattern called Stripes. Its all shades of pink, lime green, lavender and purple and white... So I bought one since I am still undetermined how exactly I am going to make my grand daughter Abby's blanket.. those are all her colors though. So will try that out and see how it looks. Off to Krogers for some Milk, trash bags. frozen Pizza,,( don't tell anyone but I am taking hubby out tonite) also some bottled water for the coffee and juice boxes for my little neighbour friend Abby ( yes another Abby this one is 4 my Abby is 5) So when she comes and visits I have some juice for her. Now sitting down to just let you all know whats been happening today in my world. I haven't even read my regular blogs today oh well that means tomorrow morning I can sit and peruse all with my cuppa Joe next to me.. Well I do have one of those next to me right now. Hubby is coming soon and we always enjoy our cup of coffee together when he gets home. While out and about seen such lovely fall decorations and mums... Looks like fall but sure doesn't feel like fall here yet with its 88 degrees at 5 pm in the afternoon and with Ozone watch again for tomorrow....
But it does get cooler in the evenings now... I can tell....
So whats been happening in your neck of the woods today???
Have a wonderful weekend ... see ya soon
Hugs Birgit

Thursday, September 30, 2010

OOOOHHHH I am so excited ..I won

Thank you again Pammy Sue.... I love to read all the blogs and get inspiration on the crafts you all make but also colors you use and the comments you leave... Makes me want to create and learn more..... Thank you again the colors are so beautiful I will find an Honor spot for the beautiful Mandala in my home
Hugs Birgit

Happy Friday Eve to all

Actually not much happening here... well thats not true... Took mom to the Cardio Doc yesterday,.. Should have known to take some looming with me but since I get in and out thought Mom would It seems when I take her to see him we end up waiting when I go to see him for myself I rarely wait 15 minutes,,,, never fails... Oh well we had fun chit chatting while waiting. Talked about some old times growing up in germany her knitting machines she had as a young woman... I am trying my hand with a knitting machine bought one off of ebay
but..............I really think its not working right
Now I found the manual studied it from front to back and back to front
printed it out
watched all the YouTube videos I could find on knitting machines and it doesn't work right.
Now before I chuck this one out or sell it I am trying to find somewhere in Houston a place that might have knitting machines for sale and possibly have them set up so I can see how it all works.
I truly think something is wrong with it though. The needles are so loose that just blowing on them will move them out of position. That doesn't seem right....Anyone know anything about knitting machines please email me.....
Other than that We got to talking about Germany and such because I had a dream. Now those that know me a little know I don't dream or rather if I do don't remember what I dream't. Just don't haven't since I was a teen, Anyhow I am digressing ,I dream't about going to the bakery in my little home town and buying bread, Now the baker was still the same age as he was when I was little and the bakery was large compared to then. Also He made me figure out the cost of the bread I was buying. It was to strange to be honest.
So sitting here right now with a cup of Teekanne Rosehip tea. Not much of a tea drinker during the summer but once it gets to fall and winter I do like my tea.
I have a nice big cup with matching saucer from Ikea ( oh yes my favorite store of all) that I use only for tea. so going to go and enjoy my tea now then do some household chores and then sit and Hope you all have a wonderful Friday Eve
See ya soon
Hugs Birgit

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Tuesday and another lovely giveaway

Hi All just a short note to let you all know about another little giveaway I found on one of the blogs I follow.

a surprise giveaway so to speak ,,, such lovely things on her blog to see and read about
have fun looking... hugs to all and a wonderful Good Morning to ya all
hugs Birgit

Monday, September 27, 2010

and a little giveaway to tell you about

Over at Scotty's place there is a little giveaway of some wonderfully cheerful Mandala's
better hurry though since you only have 72 hours.......just follow the directions on the giveaway.
easy peasy.......

hugs Birgit

And a wonderful start of the week to all

Did some loom knitting here is my second pair of socks or actually the first sock of a pair.
this one is all soft and smushy...... love the feel of this yarn
the orange and brown are done except the dreaded AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH
weaving in the ends..... yikes wish there would be a magic fairy that would come when your done with a project and just weave in those ends......

Well I got busy reading these past few days... Good book by Nora Roberts.. you know the type. Kinda suspensful, a lot of romance....... yup really good... down to the last 30 pages now then I'll know whodunit,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend past and hope you have a good coming week....,

Meinen deutschen freunden wuensche ich eine angenehme arbeits woche.

hugs Birgit