Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry Dear Bloggy friends about my continued absence

I was going to  post last week  already but time and things got away  from me as I am sure

most of you can understand,.

So lets digress just a bit…. we left  texas  hubby driving the big huge boat of a penske (26)

footer it was….All I can say is wow…We got a late start on that monday  and I only made it to

Marshall before I said I gotta sleep. Found a cheap motel and ate half a sandwich and gone

I was till 6 the next morning.

So up and showered ate a little something  and off we where at 8 am. Arkansas was the worst

drive to me.. Its just I don’t know but besides driving up 59  arkansas is always the worst part.

Then we hit  Memphis…..oh I hate driving through Memphis. and promptly ended up in a stop and go kinda situation.The powers that be closed 2 lanes of a 3 lane highway at the same time

so I think you all can imagine what that was like.. Finally for what should have been 10 minutes 45 minutes later  on I-40 east heading to Nashville….Yippe. so much closer half way mark behind us…It was uneventful on 40 I love driving there all the mountains and forests on the side

oh I loved it.. Got into Nashville and though it sometime after 8 pm… So missed rush hour there..

on we went up 65… Then  ther ecomes Louisville…I called my daughter  at one point in time from Lousiville telling her “ The plane the plane” she was like what the heck Mom  are you nuts? then it dawned on her. We had just past the airport in Louisville.. which meant only about 45 minutes from her house.

of course it being after 11 at nite  not much was seen  besides some traffic.

Recognized the  signs though the closer we got.. Off 65  and through S-burg we went

me driving ahead real slow so hubby could follow.

Up the little country road she lives on with the monster behind me. and finally there she is……

so of course after  hugs and  toilet runs etc a few minutes of talk and we crashed, kids where asleep at the time.

Next morning  I  snuck in my Abby’s room and she was just waking up…. Memaw is it you????

Yes its Memaw Abby… and hugs  I got….

Went to look at the house that day spoke with the landlord… and the next day  unloading started.

part of the penke was unloaded in Roberts garage and the other part here.

It’s a cute little 3 bedroom brick 2 baths , older construction with  large fenced in back yard..

Dogs love it…. after all unloading was done and penske returned we then started setting up

furniture and  unpacking, sunday we staid here the first time.

all my stuff is unpacked now its moms we are unpacking and sorting through. No need for

double kitchen stuff .. So  what kids don’t want or need will go into yard sale..

So its slowly getting there..

But it feels like I never left.. and what I enjoy most is early mornings sitting there with a cup of coffee  and the windows open just a bit and hearing the wild geese flying over … Oh its Heaven

or standing in the back door of the garage and looking beyond the fence and seeing  deer walking in and out of the  little woods that’s there..I have missed that…

I will also be busy getting ready for a wedding.. Robert and Katie are getting married end of April so mom has to help with invites and programs and stuff………

I love it.. Kids and families have been here couple times  for impromptu family dinners

we have gone to the kids for same…..

I have come home despite the Ohio Valley crud that has gotten me ….This too shall pass

When I find my camera will post some pics…

Hugs from Indiana………..Birgit