Monday, December 13, 2010

Things I am Thankful for.

Reading some of the posts in my fave blogs I  have been thinking what am I thankful for this year… and came up with these

1. I am around another year. That’s saying a lot ask my docs.

2. Fairly good Health so to speak right now

3. Mom is improving

4. A fairly new  grand daughter that’s healthy

5. A beautiful family and loving family

6. My Husband for  being my rock in all  my sicknesses ( is that a word) making me laugh when I am crying, for being my friend  and listening to me, for loving me whole heartedly and  thinking of me always

for being my other half in every sense of the word. I love you.

my 2 dogs that are  my husbands but  follow me when I just move, for my 4 cats that always make me smile even when I am sad.

For finding  out that I can  do crafts, as in crocheting and loom knitting even though I always thought I couldn’t.

For my blgging friends, thanks for  reading me once in a while and hopefully enjoying  my ramblings.

For  all the things the good lord has blessed me with.

Thanks you all……….Hugs from a chilled 36 degree’s  South Texas ( just for you Cindy)