Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Nursing Week

A Nurse's Prayer

Give me strength and wisdom,

When others need my touch;

A soothing word to speak to them,

Their hearts yearn for so much.

Give me joy and laughter,

To lift a weary soul;

Pour in me compassion,

To make the broken whole.

Give me gentle, healing hands,

For those left in my care;

A blessing to those who need me,

This is a Nurse's prayer.

Allison Chambers Coxsey


Happy Nursing Week to all my Nursing friends


Hugs from Indiana…..Birgit

Monday, May 2, 2011

Flying our Flag

Per Bee Lady’s request who got it from

Granny Bee I will be flying our flag ….

Thank you to all our Service men and women

for all that you do…and lets not forget our police, firemen

and all the others that put their lives on the line daily

I salute you and say THANKS,,,


Hugs Birgit

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Sunday to All….

Well it is cloudy again  with chance of rain.. Now I do wish

it would go away I must be honest.. It was heavenly last couple of days

windows open, sitting nice……

I started work on a variegated  bag on my round yellow KK.

Not sure how large I am going to make it will see once I get a little farther

with it….Thinking about a lining in it….we shall see.

My keyboard  and mouse are acting up  big time…I’d say its time

for a new one of each….

Mouse does what it wants to even after update on it..

Either clicks once to open something or  I need to click 3 times ..hate that.

Oh well this too shall pass….

100grandpa and Abby playing outside

She has so much fun with grandpa…He really goes into her fantasy world with her.

But that shouldn’t be new to me He has an imagination that’s incredible and kids just love that.

this was before the grass was cut yesterday.. Thank Heavens its short again.. right in between rains…lol.

My middle  grandson Kaleb was here yesterday  helping with mowing and  weed eating too.

Then when done he started chipping away at a piece of wood that came of the tree that came down the other day  He is trying to  make me some flower pots out of the wood….His idea.

Kids are great and what they come up with in ideas. Love it.

for now wishing all a wonderful rest Sunday…Hugs to all