Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter Saturday Everyone

Again I have been missing a while.. Not felt like writing much or even pc’ing much either… Spend some time on facebook in the mornings  but other than that  do some housework and  crochet….

Here are some of the items I have finished….

901625_10151317571766205_1717467057_o My first granny square pillow… Its more of a reddish brown than the picture shows but no matter I have conquered a simple granny square finally…


860986_10151267880251205_1977606843_o a whole baby layette for a little girl to be born in  may…….



baby hat and afghan matching ……

892324_10151325349181205_1886838844_o this is for a little boy  who decided to come 7 weeks early… he is doing fine although still in incubator….

Other than  this I have been doing loads of  watching tv and when the kids and grands are home visiting with them as much as possible but still trying to not push my company on them …..Its been hard.

I tried a  coffee mug cake the other day 892499_10151322882281205_1859283387_o

this one was a chocolate Nutella mug cake.. I think just for me I can split the batter in half  and make 2 of them.. one for today and one for tomorrow…It was pretty good…..needed some Ice cream or whipped cream on top though…LOL,, Well that’s pretty much it from my neck of the woods.. I think  even though cold weather is still in the forecast we are finally heading in the right direction temperature wise… Lets hope so.. Want some spring we do….

hugs to all and thanks for stopping by


PS: Due to the fact that I am constantly getting anonymous spam on my blog I have started  word verifications and also no more anonymous  comments can be left..  google ID needed….. HUGS