Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Rainy Sunday

Oh  how lovely today is.. a slight rain,,cool  temps,,a lovely day to snuggle

with some hot chocolate or tea, with a good book or some  knitting or crocheting..Well 6 of my hats are done 4 are sent.. 2 ready to go out tomorrow.

Then gotta do a  hat scarf  for a little 7 year old girl to keep her warm when it’s a bit chilly out. Hope you all are doing well…


those little dots you see in the field across the road from our house are at least  10 of them every morning come a grazing….yummy make me hungry for some  roasted turkey to be honest. But we shall leave these here to graze since I don’t clean animals…..I rather buy them all cleaned already…. hugs to all