Friday, December 31, 2010

Another thing I want to learn ………….

I want to learn more about websites and building them and most of all

understanding them….

Open-mouthed smile
Quote of the day:
Originality is the fine art of remembering what you hear but forgetting where you heard it. - Laurence J. Peter

As I sit here reflecting

with my morning coffee in hand about the last year I have many things that I have accomplished and that I am grateful for

Some small some larger….so let see if I can count the ways…..

I finally learned to loom well not like  Anne Bipes or Isela or Brenda Myers and can’t forget Greg from  the loom dude but I  am I think accomplished on making hats …made a baby blanket on the loom for my 5th grandchild ( I used to never finish anything I started so this was way good.). Then I started back in crocheting again…

Health wise  I am grateful that this year was a good year only thyroid surgery and heart cath and stent behind me so I am so grateful for that.And my body not needing more is a good thing….lol

I have become more patient in many things of my everyday life. Accepting of the fact that I no longer can do things the way I used to and love it when I can. so I have accomplished the task of being more patient.. a good thing

No resolutions for the new year… I never keep them but I will try  to learn more about crocheting also to really start  learning different stitches in loom knitting… Live as healthy as possible…. And to support my husband  in all his endeavors. Spend as much time enjoying  my time with mom. and to continue to learn whatever I can about everything in life .

So with this my friends I leave you with  A Happy New Year 2011 may all your dreams and wishes come true…..

Einen Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr wuensche ich meinen deutschen freunden

Hugs from Still South Texas.,,Birgit

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Wishing all my visitors and readers a wonderful and Merry Christmas

Santa was good with a kindle, a cover and reading light for it….Of course cookies where left as was milk which he loved of course..

Kids and grands  loved the hats and scarfs and little  christmas decorations I sent them and have ordered more in their fave colors…

Sauerbraten, rotkraut are ready  potato balls ( kartoffel kloesse) I still need to make.

Cheesecake is done


the girls  yesterday


my other 3 grands

l_96252c0d7e83e75cd7a7a02323c62f5flast years christmas haven’t gotten any this year….;lol


XOXOXO Hugs from South Texas  to all


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Are you ready for Christmas? Kann der Weihnachtsman kommen?

Baking is done except for the cheese cake, If hubby leaves us some christmas cookies for christmas…lolweihnb00035

Alles ist gebacken auser dem kaesekuchen hoffe das mein mann ein paar plaetzchen fuer den weihnachtsman laesst.

Christmas packages have arrived at the kids and grandkids homes. They are expecting more winter weather so they sure can use the hats and scarfs I made for them. Already have orders for more…lolbanner-merry-x-mass-animiert

Weihnachtspackete sind schon angekommen bei den kindern und enkel habe schon wuensche fuer weitere muetzen und schaals bekommen in ihren lieblings farben,,,lol

So Santa can come now, Der weihnachtsmann kann kommen,,,,,,,,,,

Wishing my friends in blog land a wonderful , peaceful,joyous and Merry Christmas.

Hugs from a non winter –non Christmas weather South Texas…Birgit

Monday, December 13, 2010

Things I am Thankful for.

Reading some of the posts in my fave blogs I  have been thinking what am I thankful for this year… and came up with these

1. I am around another year. That’s saying a lot ask my docs.

2. Fairly good Health so to speak right now

3. Mom is improving

4. A fairly new  grand daughter that’s healthy

5. A beautiful family and loving family

6. My Husband for  being my rock in all  my sicknesses ( is that a word) making me laugh when I am crying, for being my friend  and listening to me, for loving me whole heartedly and  thinking of me always

for being my other half in every sense of the word. I love you.

my 2 dogs that are  my husbands but  follow me when I just move, for my 4 cats that always make me smile even when I am sad.

For finding  out that I can  do crafts, as in crocheting and loom knitting even though I always thought I couldn’t.

For my blgging friends, thanks for  reading me once in a while and hopefully enjoying  my ramblings.

For  all the things the good lord has blessed me with.

Thanks you all……….Hugs from a chilled 36 degree’s  South Texas ( just for you Cindy)


Monday, December 6, 2010

Wuensche allen meinen lesern einen Schoenen Nikolaus tag

fuer alle meine deutschen leser und leserinen

wuensche ich einen schoenen Nikolaus tag. Und viele gute sachen im stiefel.

nikruprimage from www

for all my german followers and readers wishing all a merry Saint Nikolaus day and many goodies in their boots.

Hugs from South Texas


96_01.11.2010_20091203_StNikolausDuerr_09image from www

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Go check out Doris’s Blog December Giveaway

my blogging buddy  Doris  who does wonderful crochet work is having a December Giveaway.. Go check it out…


Hugs from South Texas. Birgit

Isn’t she cute?

My lovely daughter emailed me a pic of our baby Allison this morning all bundled up..


Isn’t she just the cutest??? looks just like her Daddy here…..

and of course as I know from Cindy

indiana at least parts of it has snow.. and Katie just had to send me a pic of her snow…

1204101132 Wish I was there… who knows what will happen in our future,….More on that later….

for now Hugs from South Texas….Birgit

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And a very Merry 1st of December to you all

Wow can you believe how fast this year has gone by?? I sure can’t. It really is true when meandering through life that the older you get the faster time goes by. When your young you wish you where older those magic numbers of 16 so you can get a learners permit then 18 because then you’re an adult or 21 cause your really an adult then. then with 30 you start making faces already as in AARRRGGGHHH my 30th birthday and so on., I have to say none of the mile marker years have ever affected me that way. I enjoy life as much as I can and live each moment to the fullest.

Whether its being out and about doing things or only being able to sit in a chair and crochet or loom knit.

Enough of the age thing already.

wanted to share how I make the candy canes

5d2ba3a08797__1291086998000 This is the little spool knitter from KK I tried stripes but as small as it is ( skinny I mean) it would be really hard to sew up all those strings from the white and red so I decided to mix red and white , use it as 1 string so I have variegated yarn

eda9e5ce2c81__1291087039000 I twist 2 long pipe cleaners together red ones in this case and once a certain length is reached I push the pipe cleaner inside.

256ef1552462__1291080296000 so this is what it looks like when done.

really easy to make. I think kids would really get a kick out of making these.

just thought I would share

Hugs from a cool 29 * but sunny South Texas


Monday, November 29, 2010

Enjoying the Day…

First off been lazing around chitchatting with mom. Thank heaven she is doing better, Not totally recuperated still using a walker but better.

Second I have been trying my hand at making some christmas ornaments,,

256ef1552462__1291080296000 my first candy cane…..

e4b5d8ffb0e1__1291080206000 4 bells and the candy cane

de37617b9836__1291080263000 bells side view… lol with some plastic  ornaments that still need to go on the tree..

Due to 4 cats and 2 dogs my christmas tree this year has all unbreakable ornaments.  I learned last year not to put glass ornaments on it.

when christmas was over my tree was bare the bottom half and full the top half..LOL

Weather here has been  heat one minute and A/C the next..  no heat today at all only A/C.. I know   some peeps are digging out from loads of snow and me I have the A/C running.

Please go visit  my blog friend Bev at One yarn after another. she needs some  loving on., Found out today she has Diabetes and she is going to need some support. I know  been one for almost 24 years. It’s a hard disease to live with and to get used to… so show her some love guys and gals… I have been busy reading blogs  and looking at all the wonderful things  out there.. Not enough time to do it all…… wish I could….lol

for tonite signing off

Hugs from South Texas….Birgit

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday…LOL

Well most I guess have gone shopping today.Not me.. gifts will be all handmade this year. potholders working on my last set of the 4 that I am making right now.


This is a blue variegated to a purple color.

simple single crochet with  chains  and single crochet around the outside.

still have to sew up the yarn


picture is bad here but you can see the colors.

the 3rd one is a red variegated and the 4th and final one to  finish is  another blue one with purple.

then 3b2af47af797__1290537035000

the scarf is done to a hat I have done.

100_0978 this one actually…lol.

going to hop back to the living room and  crochet a little more…

hugs and Happy Shopping.From South Texas signing off for now


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my  blog friends near and far a Happy Thanksgiving,.

I am thankful for

our continued recovery especially Mom’s

our kids thanks William and Katie for being you

our grandkids , all so lovely

Zoe, Kaleb,Daegon,Abby,Allison

Our Service men and women who serve and protect our Country may God Bless them and bring them home to their families real soon, and their families who  go without their loved ones

Thank you All for what you do.

Our Police Officers who keep us save and protect us here at home… Thank you Robert..

Our firefighters who go  out in all kinds of weather to rescue, fight fires and all the other stuff they do.. Thank you William

May God in his infinite wisdom guide us and show us his Love and Mercy

Love to all

Hugs from South Texas

Birgit thankscard1

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving

I have been MIA…lol. Well loads going on in RL. My mom was in the hospital again this time 2 weeks for pneumonia. Just got her home to my house  friday. So its been hectic. I am  still working on Christmas gifts. Got 2 sets of potholders done for my daughter and DIL. then  looked at some christmas ornaments  at Brenda’s

to also  do some ornaments for everyone. Still crocheting some scarfs to go with some hats I made. For some reason I don’t like making scarfs. Not sure why. They seem to take forever I think anyhow. so working on 2 different ones not so I get bored.

Other than that


our little cutie sleeps about 3 hours before getting hungry so that’s not too bad.. Abby is still waking her up during the day to play with her and hold her…lol

so for now just in case I don’t get a chance to  say it later this week

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…

Hugs from South Texas


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Allison Faith

was born 2:28 pm in indiana
20 1/2 inches long
7 pounds....
mom and baby are doing fine....
Abby wanted to take little sister right home with her...
She got quite upset when they wouldn't let her
Hugs from a slightly warmer South Texas than this morning

Friday, November 5, 2010

Here she is......

Allison Faith is here,, no particulars yet since I talked to daddy ,,mom is doing well but going for minor surgery... ..Proud Grandma

D-Day is taking forever.......

Its 12:29 pm my time in South Texas..Katie is in southern indiana ...its 1:29 pm there... Nothing so far from the baby front from anyone,,, She has stopped posting on facebook and isn't commenting anymore on any of her posts or anyone elses so she is busy I assume........My son said he hasn't heard anything that was 30 minutes ago..... So hoping all goes well and that I hear something soon. Hugs from South Texas..Birgit

D-Day is here

Well Katie is in the hospital....Hope she has an easy birth and that all is well with my new grand baby Allison Faith,,,,Hugs to all from a chilli South Texas,,,Birgit

Thursday, November 4, 2010

T-1 and ssssoooooooExcited

Well my lovely Grand baby Allison has decided she is going to have Mommy be induced. Just doesn't want to leave her warm and wonderfully safe cocoon.. So tomorrow morning Katie will be heading to the hospital. She has been off work since last Friday getting the rest of her shopping done made arrangements for Abby to go to the other grandma's house to stay during the day . Robert will get her at nite for those nite's that Katie is in the hospital. He has taken time of work to be in the hospital and also when they come home. Will update tomorrow once I know something....Hugs from a Sunny South Texas....Birgit

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T-3 and counting down

Some of you may know that I am expecting my 5th grand child… well Katie is ready for this little one to be borne. Per MD visit yesterday if she has not gone into labor by  thursday nite He will admit her friday morning Nov the 5th and induce her. We are all so excited………Ultrasound says another little girl so Robert will have 2 little princesses on his hands……lol

Will update

Hugs Birgit Baby03q

Trying something new

As you know I love loom knitting but creative juices wheren’t flowing so had lunch with a dear friend last week at Macaroni Grill. Its our Stamm Lokal….Lol for any Germans they know what it means but in English would be like favorite place to meet and eat..

Anyhow after  our lunch we went to Michaels for some  halloween ideas since she hs little grand baby’s  and she wanted some fun stuff for them play with and also so they could decorate at her house.

Of course no visit to any crafting store is complete without checking out the yarn they offer. She seen this lovely  yarn called fresh lilac ombre from  loops&threads Worsted weight and  bought me 4 skeins while I wasn’t looking. When she gave it to me  walking to the cars she told me that this was for me to make me something instead of the grand kids or kids……

So see below

shawl begin

you can’t really tell the colors here and no clue what the line is upper right corner or those 2 round yellowish circles  musta been a camera issue….

shawl beginning

it has lovely shades of  lilac and greens  so I found a simple pattern since I have not done any crocheting since I don’t know when and 5 rows are almost complete.

Just love it and I must say it crochets up wonderful and no knots or anything in it..

so  lets see how this comes along…

it’s a chilli 61 degrees here in south texas, cloudy and overcast. Had some nasty storms go through last nite but it feels so wonderful outside  fresh and clean….

Hope you all have a wonderful week..

Hugs from South Texas


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday I have missed you all……

Its been a wild and crazy last 3 weeks but I think things are starting to settle down now a bit….

I sure hope so thought I was meeting myself coming and going. My cats looked at me like I was a stranger visiting instead of their mommy.

The dogs where so   Oh There you are finally decided to come home HUH?. I am telling you. Poor hubby  lived on sandwiches and  the odds and ends he fixed himself .

But mom is doing better now So its becoming easier on me.

I did have a lovely breakfast meeting with some nice german ladies on  this past Friday at Nicoles house. Thank you Nicole for the lovely breakfast and  good company.

yellow rose

this is a lovely yellow rose bush outside moms apartment . the last of the blooms just this past week now.

We  meaning me  also got the package sent out for my daughter Katie who is expecting November 5th…

Mom also crotchet her some things  and  these are the pics of moms stuff.

moms blanket

moms sweater and hat the sweater picture is not very good but those are moms gifts to her great grandchild ( her 5th)

these are mine all knitted on  authentic knitting board and knifty knitters


I actually made 2 hats  one with the small blue KK and one with the red one….

my first booty try too….lol

ok that’s it for today,..  Trying to  keep up with my favorite blogs … Some days it works others its oh well………….

hugs  for today from South Texas


Monday, October 11, 2010


Well mom gets to come home today. They need to set up Home Health nursing for wound care on her surgical site. Right arm needs to be in a sling no lifting whatsoever. which also means no clicking on facebook for but knowing mom she will figure out a way. Going to get her shortly.
Then will have shopping to do for her lots of microwave stuff so she can heat things with one hand only. But thats the least of the problems... She is very Happy to go home. Thank you for all the prayers that you sent for her speedy recovery
hugs Birgit

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crocheting in Georgia: My October Giveaway Prize

Crocheting in Georgia: My October Giveaway Prize

these are too cute..such cute ghost hot pad and or decorations go take a look... such a neat idea.... Just love Doris's imagination......Hugs to all....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Of course all this time I have been busy

With all these hospital visits and spending time there with mom while she was sleeping I did  loads of loom knitting


a red hat


a smaller blue variegated hat

both with curled up edges I kind of like these.

oh and still have to  take a ic of the  scarf I am making that will be  Abby’s blanket I did work on it too.  Will try and remember  and post it tomorrow…..

ok that’s it for me today

hugs to all


What a pleasant surprise Tuesday.

So after all that happened monday with mom I did not check the mail  that day so imagine my surprise when I checked it tuesday  and found this lovely in the mail .



here another  pic


the lovely Mandala came in the mail. This will stay on my table for now because I do love the colors so and it makes it so cheerful in the kitchen. Thank you again Pammy Sue and I do apologize for not posting any pictures earlier.

Es hat einen Ehrenplatz.. German for  it has a special place right here.

Hugs and a wonderful weekend to all my friends


So it’s been a wild and crazy week..

it really has been so let me start at the beginning and please forgive me if I tell you personal stuff.

It started Monday morning with mom calling me shortly after 5 am telling me she is having chest pain and is calling an ambulance.I got to her apartment ( she lives only like 8 minutes from me) in time to have her loaded into an ambulance  and taken to the hospital 2 minutes from where she lives. I swear it took longer for them to load her than it took to  drive there.LOL

Well Er of course did all kinds of tests  and said nothing showing right now but they will keep checking  cardiac enzymes and admit her for 23 hour Observation. Ouch,, pretty much all day back and forth to the hospital for me.

Tuesday  cardiologist came in and said yes she did have a heart attack and yes she needs heart catherization. So tuesday late afternoon  they do a heart cahterization and place 2 stents in a 95% blockage.  I left after  she got out of the cath lab just before they took her  to her room. Wednesday morning I  get there and her right arm which they used as access  is all swollen and almost black

a ultrasound Thursday showed  a small aneurism in her anticubital ( the bend of the elbow) where blood is seeping into the tissue of her arm. OUCH big time. Poor mom I have never seen her in so much pain.  So yesterday all day at the hospital  because they scheduled her for surgery  but weren’t sure what time it would be. I got home last nite at 8 pm. Man am I sore I am telling you. Hospital chairs are not conducive to comfortable sitting. But I have spoken to her this morning already and she sounds like my old mom now, Thank Heaven. No more morphine for pain since yesterday before the surgery.

she is doing well she said the pain is minimal compared to what it was and hopefully she gets to come home  in the next 2 days or so.

so that’s how my week started out……

will post  my other news in a few

hugs Birgit

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wishing everyone a wonderful coming week

Hello Everyone. Just thought I would pop in shortly and say Hi Ya All........I started my first scarf for the blanket for my granddaughter Abby on the short authentic knitting board
its going to be all strips that I sew together.
picture to follow of the yarn I am using.....
its so nice and soft. I really like I love this Yarn.....
even after its worked it stays soft and cuddly..........
hugs to all and a wonderful evening and good nite to all

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hop on over to Coco Rose .. She has a lovely Giveaway with some wonderful goodies..
Have a wonderful Evening

Oh what a day.......

Hi Everyone
Do you ever feel like your meeting yourself coming and going? Well that was today. On the spur of the moment i decided just before lunch to go visit mom. Now she lives in a senior apartment complex and they can go down to eat in the main dining hall or fix their own meals in their fully furnished kitchen in their apartment. Today she was eating with her friends. Since I knew that and was a bit hungry I decided to run into subway and get myself a 6 inch 9 grain with terriaki chicken and cheese to go. So I get there and we have lunch., Mom wasn't feeling to well again ( thank heaven I talked her into that stress test next week. Mom if your reading it remember you wanted to do it on the 21st.).Anyhow then we visit a while then I go home. Mail is here and my check is in the mail. Now my check is a hassle to get cashed. Even my bank puts it on a 8-10 hold due to it being a long term disability check and not a paycheck. So I decided here in Tomball there is a little Ace check cashing place to try that one... and Hallelujah.... it did. So off to the bank.. Deposited the money...yea.. then off to Hobby Lobby for some window shopping. I did find a lovely variegated yarn ( I love this Yarn) in a pattern called Stripes. Its all shades of pink, lime green, lavender and purple and white... So I bought one since I am still undetermined how exactly I am going to make my grand daughter Abby's blanket.. those are all her colors though. So will try that out and see how it looks. Off to Krogers for some Milk, trash bags. frozen Pizza,,( don't tell anyone but I am taking hubby out tonite) also some bottled water for the coffee and juice boxes for my little neighbour friend Abby ( yes another Abby this one is 4 my Abby is 5) So when she comes and visits I have some juice for her. Now sitting down to just let you all know whats been happening today in my world. I haven't even read my regular blogs today oh well that means tomorrow morning I can sit and peruse all with my cuppa Joe next to me.. Well I do have one of those next to me right now. Hubby is coming soon and we always enjoy our cup of coffee together when he gets home. While out and about seen such lovely fall decorations and mums... Looks like fall but sure doesn't feel like fall here yet with its 88 degrees at 5 pm in the afternoon and with Ozone watch again for tomorrow....
But it does get cooler in the evenings now... I can tell....
So whats been happening in your neck of the woods today???
Have a wonderful weekend ... see ya soon
Hugs Birgit

Thursday, September 30, 2010

OOOOHHHH I am so excited ..I won

Thank you again Pammy Sue.... I love to read all the blogs and get inspiration on the crafts you all make but also colors you use and the comments you leave... Makes me want to create and learn more..... Thank you again the colors are so beautiful I will find an Honor spot for the beautiful Mandala in my home
Hugs Birgit

Happy Friday Eve to all

Actually not much happening here... well thats not true... Took mom to the Cardio Doc yesterday,.. Should have known to take some looming with me but since I get in and out thought Mom would It seems when I take her to see him we end up waiting when I go to see him for myself I rarely wait 15 minutes,,,, never fails... Oh well we had fun chit chatting while waiting. Talked about some old times growing up in germany her knitting machines she had as a young woman... I am trying my hand with a knitting machine bought one off of ebay
but..............I really think its not working right
Now I found the manual studied it from front to back and back to front
printed it out
watched all the YouTube videos I could find on knitting machines and it doesn't work right.
Now before I chuck this one out or sell it I am trying to find somewhere in Houston a place that might have knitting machines for sale and possibly have them set up so I can see how it all works.
I truly think something is wrong with it though. The needles are so loose that just blowing on them will move them out of position. That doesn't seem right....Anyone know anything about knitting machines please email me.....
Other than that We got to talking about Germany and such because I had a dream. Now those that know me a little know I don't dream or rather if I do don't remember what I dream't. Just don't haven't since I was a teen, Anyhow I am digressing ,I dream't about going to the bakery in my little home town and buying bread, Now the baker was still the same age as he was when I was little and the bakery was large compared to then. Also He made me figure out the cost of the bread I was buying. It was to strange to be honest.
So sitting here right now with a cup of Teekanne Rosehip tea. Not much of a tea drinker during the summer but once it gets to fall and winter I do like my tea.
I have a nice big cup with matching saucer from Ikea ( oh yes my favorite store of all) that I use only for tea. so going to go and enjoy my tea now then do some household chores and then sit and Hope you all have a wonderful Friday Eve
See ya soon
Hugs Birgit

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Tuesday and another lovely giveaway

Hi All just a short note to let you all know about another little giveaway I found on one of the blogs I follow.

a surprise giveaway so to speak ,,, such lovely things on her blog to see and read about
have fun looking... hugs to all and a wonderful Good Morning to ya all
hugs Birgit

Monday, September 27, 2010

and a little giveaway to tell you about

Over at Scotty's place there is a little giveaway of some wonderfully cheerful Mandala's
better hurry though since you only have 72 hours.......just follow the directions on the giveaway.
easy peasy.......

hugs Birgit

And a wonderful start of the week to all

Did some loom knitting here is my second pair of socks or actually the first sock of a pair.
this one is all soft and smushy...... love the feel of this yarn
the orange and brown are done except the dreaded AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH
weaving in the ends..... yikes wish there would be a magic fairy that would come when your done with a project and just weave in those ends......

Well I got busy reading these past few days... Good book by Nora Roberts.. you know the type. Kinda suspensful, a lot of romance....... yup really good... down to the last 30 pages now then I'll know whodunit,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend past and hope you have a good coming week....,

Meinen deutschen freunden wuensche ich eine angenehme arbeits woche.

hugs Birgit

Thursday, September 23, 2010

All is well again for a while

So had my heart cath.,. had 2 stents placed again... that is now number 8 for heart cath and number 6 for stents plus 2 bypass surgeries.... As I told my doc ,.... not sure what else I can keep this from happening..... anyhow enough of that
The socks are done.... started another pair a variegated one
all soft and plushy yarn.. Will try and remember to take pics tomorrow to post..
on another note

Came across this picture I took while riding in the car... these are in the median here off 249 in Tomball tx.... or rather they where... love flowers like this.... all mixed '' see ya
tomorrow I Hope...........Hugs Birgit

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well didn't take too long to fix what was wrong.. I think for today I will quit playing with templates.....Lol. Hugs


While trying out different templates my blog seems to have gotten a bit to much of a good thing... Bare with me while I try and figure out the solutions....
LOL hugs Birgit

Bet you thought I had given up already....

Nope I haven't just been busy. busy, busy.... Trying to get everything done before I head to the hospital on tuesday .... hope it will be only over nite...
Anyhow this is what I have been up too....

I have tried my first pair of socks I am tickled to be honest.. So far I had only
made some baby booties and I didn't really like them
had some scrap yarn laying around and here you go
as you can see loads of weaving in to do but
the colors fit for fall even though here in Texas we don't really have a Fall or Autumn as
there is up north.
If you notice on the first picture you will see a small vase
its filled with artificial flowers..
Reason being

My Sissi
our Alpha cat... She loves all things plants... and eats them all too
since some are poisonous to cats we decided to
go the safe route..
Cat nip is dead gotta buy some
So now that you have seen some of what I have been up too
I will end today with a Wish for a wonderful week coming up.
I wont be back posting till Friday .
Happy Looming and crafting
Hugs Birgit

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Friday Eve as my old Boss used to say...

Well a couple days peace and quiet now from doc appointments then next week tuesday the 21st I go for my 7th Heart cath...Oh well this too shall pass I suppose....
Treated myself today with my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and bought my 10" authentic Knitting board... yippee can't wait. Going to start on my grand daughters all colored afghan on it. its going to be in 10" wide strips each strip a different color... Pink, purple. lime green. lavender,yellow... might add a couple more colors... Abby wants an all colored afghan.
so she shall have one....I will post a pic of some of the colors I have already. I am using Caron simply soft since I really like those vibrant colors and I am sure she will too.

One of the blogs I am following is Attic 24
such lovely colors in her works...........

See ya soon I hope...
Hugs Birgit

Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Afternoon Monday.

Well I have read some of my fave Blog updates this morning. Seems like everyone is just busy and getting ready for fall. Now fall here in south texas is going to be a while yet. a hot and humid 88 degrees at 12:30 pm. Can't wait for it to really cool off and be able to open windows and doors.
A/c here gets to work overtime every day , sometimes I wonder how people used to get along without it.... Yikes can you imagine... 90 some degree weather and humidity and no A/C????
scary thought.
on another note I am working on a skinny scarf to a purple varigated Hat I made out of some of Vanna's yarn. Here is the hat...
Now come the scarf. Skinny and long with I think some fringe this time,,
My first at trying to make fringe.... Its going to be a time of many firsts....
I hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of the week
Hugs Birgit

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday to all

Well this is my first blog and
My journey into crafts began in January 2010. well not quite. last august I bought a purple long knifty knitter loom. tried it out put it away just couldn't make heads or tails out of it.
This January I found while searching some blogs on loom knitting and was hooked.
I bought the set of round looms by knifty knitter and started looming. baby hats at first then adult . and children. Some with scarfs some without.
But I have learned that I love crafts. Now I am not as talented as some bloggers I follow but I hope with time and perseverance that I get as good as some. If not I will have had fun
That is one of my first baby hats I made just out of some rest baby yarn my mom had.
Love looming its so relaxing to me. I am able to crochet but my hands ( both of them) get sore real fast due to carpal tunnel but looming is easier on my joints.
Till next time
Hugs Birgit