Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Afternoon Monday.

Well I have read some of my fave Blog updates this morning. Seems like everyone is just busy and getting ready for fall. Now fall here in south texas is going to be a while yet. a hot and humid 88 degrees at 12:30 pm. Can't wait for it to really cool off and be able to open windows and doors.
A/c here gets to work overtime every day , sometimes I wonder how people used to get along without it.... Yikes can you imagine... 90 some degree weather and humidity and no A/C????
scary thought.
on another note I am working on a skinny scarf to a purple varigated Hat I made out of some of Vanna's yarn. Here is the hat...
Now come the scarf. Skinny and long with I think some fringe this time,,
My first at trying to make fringe.... Its going to be a time of many firsts....
I hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of the week
Hugs Birgit

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