Saturday, January 29, 2011

this is where I was born and lived

sorry not able to write with these

Some things you may not know about me

1. I am german full blooded…

2. I immigrated in 1971 when I was 12 ( now you know my

3. I have lived in Auburn (NY), Clarksville (TN),Flaherty (KY)

     Oak Grove (KY),Scottsburg (IN), Houston (TX) and Magnolia (TX)

4. My dream vacations are  Alaska, Sweden,Norway,Finland

5. I have been married twice ( don’t ask about the first time

6. My 2nd husband and I met over the internet and fell in love

7. I imported him.. quite legal….

8. I am a diabetic of over 20 years and wear an insulin pump

9. I am also a heart patient bypass x 2

10. I hated crafts when I was young, never finished anything except a purse

       in purple and gold color  tunisian crochet

11. I come from a long line of crafters…..

12. My mother can still just look at a picture and do the pattern

13. I have taken to loom knitting and crocheting since I have become disabled

14. I am in the process of moving to Indiana where my kids and grand kids live

15. I love life more now than  when I was 20

hugs from South Texas…Birgit

Friday, January 28, 2011

just a quick update about the rental house in indiana

oh finally got to see pics today…they are painting and replacing

carpet…. if all works out I have  a home to move into beginning of march

lol…..wish us luck

hugs from south texas…Birgit

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have been told that I am missed so here I am…lol

Ok seems  as some people have missed me  so this I hope will satisfy inquiring minds

On the moving front I still do not have any pictures of the house we are trying to rent

due to owner being sick and the snow indiana got last week when my son was supposed to

look at it.. Since its on a backroad  it would have been tricky to get too.. well ….Hmmmm

On the hats I made for my friend I got a little surprise package in the mail  the other day

I believe it was monday….

a68942f8685e__1295908839000 a lovely green malachit pendant and the stone is

a New Mexico Fluorite…I was so surprised thank you Julie…….Lovely. I love getting surprise packages don’t you all????

On my packing front … 3290a30d826b__1295813041000 this is my cat Lippy so named since she has a white spot on her upper lip but that’s also the one I would expect to be lippy if she was a child.. into or onto everything… see this pic right? can you guess where she is at???????

5f44bb5ad544__1295813009000on my living room schrank or entertainment center or whatever you wanna call it….

3e5e6b75e47b__1295812974000see the 3 boxes next to it well that’s what she used as a  jump start to climb…lol The temp door we put in when my mom moved in so I can  put the dogs in the front when her Homehealth or therapists come.. its hard for me to hold both of them back at the same time……

on the crocheting front………….

d50f1b86ce34__1296061200000Can you guess what this is?? looks like a  mess doesn’t it? well……….


a bit neater….now… my grand daughter Abby’s afghan,,,,,,,,,,

6c45ce24cb42__1296061307000This will be the other color I am going to add to it…

them I am undecided  Caron simply soft has a lavender I love that is just a shade lighter than the purple I am using  and also a lighter pink shade… I am undecided whether I should also use those 2 or just repeat now with the colors I have??? What do you all think???

Need some opinions please………..

That’s all for today……..gotta get after my son again about the  house … to see it and take pics….

Wish me luck this works out .. except for the 1 bathroom only  it sounds perfect…

Hugs from South Texas……Birgit

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing Barney and Bruiser

A while back I introduced my  cats now its time to introduce

my  2 dogs

meet Barney


He is a rat terrier –jack russel mix but his temperament is all rat

We got him from  the SPCA  in 2006 when our airedale terrier

Scooter died.. He was approx 1 year old at the time. I picked him out

and we introduced him to our yorkie that we had at the time

they got along great right away.. never any issues really.. Buddy the

yorkie was mine and barney took to my husband like bees to honey.

He is still  that way. My Buddy died in 2008 and we never got another dog

until last year in October.. hubby took Barney to the park to walk with him

and look who followed him home


that’s Bruiser… a mix but unsure what he is.. He is also hubby’s dog but he does

love smooching with me too….

92abfc753203__1295448902000this is both of them after

deciding to wrestle on my couch and now pretending to be asleeo cause I am

giving them whatfor……….lol I use regular bedsheets  on the couch when its raining out

so if they are a little damp or muddy  its easier to clean….the afghan should be folded

laying there.,.. all cushions are off the back and the pillow on the side is somewhere on the floor

oh and if you look close there is one of my husbands socks laying right in front of the couch on the floor. Bruiser loves carrying around socks and shoes but thank heaven he does not chew on them… only  Barneys harness and his own……lol

On the moving front 3 boxes of books are packed ……YEAH…..

Have a wonderful start of the week…..Hugs from South Texas  ,,,Birgit