Saturday, November 6, 2010

Allison Faith

was born 2:28 pm in indiana
20 1/2 inches long
7 pounds....
mom and baby are doing fine....
Abby wanted to take little sister right home with her...
She got quite upset when they wouldn't let her
Hugs from a slightly warmer South Texas than this morning

Friday, November 5, 2010

Here she is......

Allison Faith is here,, no particulars yet since I talked to daddy ,,mom is doing well but going for minor surgery... ..Proud Grandma

D-Day is taking forever.......

Its 12:29 pm my time in South Texas..Katie is in southern indiana ...its 1:29 pm there... Nothing so far from the baby front from anyone,,, She has stopped posting on facebook and isn't commenting anymore on any of her posts or anyone elses so she is busy I assume........My son said he hasn't heard anything that was 30 minutes ago..... So hoping all goes well and that I hear something soon. Hugs from South Texas..Birgit

D-Day is here

Well Katie is in the hospital....Hope she has an easy birth and that all is well with my new grand baby Allison Faith,,,,Hugs to all from a chilli South Texas,,,Birgit

Thursday, November 4, 2010

T-1 and ssssoooooooExcited

Well my lovely Grand baby Allison has decided she is going to have Mommy be induced. Just doesn't want to leave her warm and wonderfully safe cocoon.. So tomorrow morning Katie will be heading to the hospital. She has been off work since last Friday getting the rest of her shopping done made arrangements for Abby to go to the other grandma's house to stay during the day . Robert will get her at nite for those nite's that Katie is in the hospital. He has taken time of work to be in the hospital and also when they come home. Will update tomorrow once I know something....Hugs from a Sunny South Texas....Birgit

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T-3 and counting down

Some of you may know that I am expecting my 5th grand child… well Katie is ready for this little one to be borne. Per MD visit yesterday if she has not gone into labor by  thursday nite He will admit her friday morning Nov the 5th and induce her. We are all so excited………Ultrasound says another little girl so Robert will have 2 little princesses on his hands……lol

Will update

Hugs Birgit Baby03q

Trying something new

As you know I love loom knitting but creative juices wheren’t flowing so had lunch with a dear friend last week at Macaroni Grill. Its our Stamm Lokal….Lol for any Germans they know what it means but in English would be like favorite place to meet and eat..

Anyhow after  our lunch we went to Michaels for some  halloween ideas since she hs little grand baby’s  and she wanted some fun stuff for them play with and also so they could decorate at her house.

Of course no visit to any crafting store is complete without checking out the yarn they offer. She seen this lovely  yarn called fresh lilac ombre from  loops&threads Worsted weight and  bought me 4 skeins while I wasn’t looking. When she gave it to me  walking to the cars she told me that this was for me to make me something instead of the grand kids or kids……

So see below

shawl begin

you can’t really tell the colors here and no clue what the line is upper right corner or those 2 round yellowish circles  musta been a camera issue….

shawl beginning

it has lovely shades of  lilac and greens  so I found a simple pattern since I have not done any crocheting since I don’t know when and 5 rows are almost complete.

Just love it and I must say it crochets up wonderful and no knots or anything in it..

so  lets see how this comes along…

it’s a chilli 61 degrees here in south texas, cloudy and overcast. Had some nasty storms go through last nite but it feels so wonderful outside  fresh and clean….

Hope you all have a wonderful week..

Hugs from South Texas