Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its getting down to the wire…..LOL

Ok so I am still packing, Penske truck  is rented to be picked up on the 26th

Then loading loading loading.

Leaving out no later than the 1st. Hope the roads will be ok at that time

and no snow or ice on them.. Yes  for this move I want no SNOW or ICE..So  send a little

prayer out that this wont happen.

Then  unload …OMG  I wish the next month would be over.. Thank Heavens the first

week or so I should have help from my daughter and son. She is still off after surgery

and he works  weekends only..

Other than that busy running around doctor appointments for mom so she gets all new

scripts then medical records for me have to be picked up next wednesday

other than that I am excited…….my craft stuff is packed except  the Abby afghan and a scarf I started and the cotton yarn for pot holders… Ereader is also  filled with books to read. Have I told you I LOVE my Kindle…  Mom liked it so much  my brother got her one for her birthday…

Hers is also loaded up.. There are tons of places you can download free ebooks even amazon.

anyhow……. Hope you all are doing well

hugs from South Texas…16 days and counting down,,,Birgit

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stay tuned for further adventures after my Hiatus…

Well  I am busy  packing as you all know  to get ready to move to Indiana.

We plan on getting the penske  on the last weekend of Feb.. Loading it up then

leaving.. I am sorry to say I have to go on Hiatus for now..

Just too much to do still and  no time to blog..

So take care all my bloggie friends

see ya next month sometime….

Hugs from South Texas…Birgit

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday and sunshine

Well we have  come through our winter storm without issues…lol  seems like their 3-5 inches turned into this at my house.


Yes  just a little ice and it kept Houston shut down for Friday.. schools closed. doctors offices etc etc… We only had the rolling blackouts Wednesday but  kept having power failures…

I have been keeping up on my  blog reads but have felt a little depressed….

Still no house to rent in Indiana.. getting antsy about it…..

So a bit down and out about it all… But as my husband says it will happen just be patient..I am trying Honey………….

Get well wishes to all my blog friends that are  ill or not feeling well.

Its sunny today  another box packed.. No cooking tonight.. leftovers had  baked chicken and chicken and dumplings last nite with  brussel sprouts in a cream sauce and have left overs so leftovers it is ….back to a load of laundry and maybe another box  ..

Hugs to all from South Texas……..Birgit