Friday, December 16, 2011

It has been a while oh my

So sorry its been so long since I last visited with you all. I am so busy with orders and  the girls mainly and trying to get some baking done too..then  last of the year doctor appointments  you know how that goes Life gets in the way…..3D Smiles (76)

it has not been as cold as  my little man is pretending it to be but I am trying to get myself revved up for  more baking today…

Will put on my No Knead bread so I can start baking  tomorrow or day after.. It lasts 7 days in the fridge and the only kneading it needs is actually the mixing of all the ingredients and my kitchenaid mixer does that for me.. Every couple days I take a chunk of dough from the fridge then let it rise at room temp and then bake it and within 30 minutes I have a nice loaf of bread….My husband loves it….. will also  get my nuts ground  and chocolate melted for my  bourbon balls and rum balls today.. they will soak so to speak over nite in the fridge then get done tomorrow. No knead Bread this is the recipe…. absolutely so easy and yummy….100_1371here is a picture of the bread… oh and the last one you make from the batch has a distinct little bit of sour taste as in sour dough bread….Yummy

On the looming front I am busy with  making making making…lol.. I have 3 hats I am sending out today the scarfs are in the works for those 3 hats….

One of my fellow loomers has an absolutely cute little snowman she made up

Guppy Girl go take a look  they are so cute……

Monday I wont have Allison she will be with her other Nana since I will accompany Katie to her doc appointment then to finish Christmas shopping…We have not been out and about in quite a few months so I am looking forward to this expedition…lol….

I  have seen some snow  but nothing stuck of course and our weather has been a bit nuts.. warmer than usual…lol of course I am back in Hoosier land.

Last year this time kids had snowdays already a couple times due to all the snow they had…….So I hope you all enjoy the non snow and Enjoy getting ready for Christmas….

Hugs to all……..


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Well its been a while since I last posted… loads  busy

with Allison and  loom knitting etc…..

just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a

Happy Thanksgiving

│◥███◣ ╱◥███◣
╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓│∩ ║
│╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║◥█▓ ▓█◣
││∩│ ▓ ║∩田│║▓ ▓ ▓∩ ║
•°*”˜˜”*°• From my house to your house •°*”˜˜”*°•
•°*”˜˜”*°•Happy Thanksgiving to family and friends•°*”˜˜”*°♥♥

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy I love Yarn day to you all......
thanks Bethany from
hugs Birgit

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Sunday and I am so behind in Blog land

FIrst off Happy Sunday to you all…. I am literally  stealing a few minutes  to

blog…lol.. I have been busy… Orders for my hats and scarfs, Love it….

and then of course little Allison keeping me busy,,,

100_1218 this is her this morning helping mommy with the laundry…lol….

This is what she does at my house

100_1225 taking all her stuff out of her drawer…lol as you can see she is propping up her feet to get to the drawer better.. Won’t take long she will be completely out of that walker..

Today I am  rearranging some  things so I can make room here next to my pc for some plastic drawer storage containers…. so I can finally put  my most used stuff and yarn readily accessible instead of under the bed containers…lol

I also go walking every evening… its been great I feel so  much better and seems like every couple days I can walk a little further….

here are some pics from my walks100_1218

100_1221 I don’t know if you can tell but  the trees have started changing colors already… We woke up to a chilly 36* this am….100_1219This is in the front yard of a neighbor down the road,, I just love it.. basket with a stone kitty in it with a bed of flowers in front… it….

birgit 001   100_j1223

just a couple of my  doings……Hoping all my friends out there in Blog land are doing well and enjoying the fall weather

hugs to all Mausie

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Rainy Sunday

Oh  how lovely today is.. a slight rain,,cool  temps,,a lovely day to snuggle

with some hot chocolate or tea, with a good book or some  knitting or crocheting..Well 6 of my hats are done 4 are sent.. 2 ready to go out tomorrow.

Then gotta do a  hat scarf  for a little 7 year old girl to keep her warm when it’s a bit chilly out. Hope you all are doing well…


those little dots you see in the field across the road from our house are at least  10 of them every morning come a grazing….yummy make me hungry for some  roasted turkey to be honest. But we shall leave these here to graze since I don’t clean animals…..I rather buy them all cleaned already…. hugs to all


Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Gone but never forgotten

In memory of all that  left us.  All that came  and helped

those families that gave their best.

We will never forget………………….

Love and Prayers….

Hugs Birgit

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Saturday to All

As you are aware I have been watching Allison  during the week or rather from  monday through thursday’s. Yesterday hubby and I went to Hobby Lobby  and Jo-ann’s…. yummy yarn was bought and another purple  KK hatloom.

The reason being is  I have several orders for hats.. So take a look.

100_1194 the first one I made….by the way  these are the german  flag colors.. well not the white but the gold,red and black show up well on the white back ground.

100_1199 here would be another version  black background with the gold and red stripe…

100_1201and here my first try at a vertical striped hat. it’s a redbrown  with  a variegated  red,brown,gray,pink as the other stripe..It’s a bit more time consuming  due to the wrapping but its fun to make and look at when finished. Have to try to make one with a bit more contrasting colors to really show what it looks like.

anyhow some of my german friends really like the   german type hats and  put in some orders… so this weekend will be a marathon of hat making.

I finally found my  mannequin head  so  I can take other pics besides using my little model…lol. As you can tell Allison is not  to happy about hats  when I put them on her.

My cocoon is  coming along… working on the top part now .

Hope you all are having a good weekend. We have had a whole week of  just  slow slow rain. looks a bit gray all the time  but you know its ok. I love the cooler weather since I have more energy….

for today  you all have a wonderful weekend..Hugs Birgit

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Hot Hot Saturday………..

So September decided to treat us with a heat advisory with temps climbing to 102*…yuck, thank heaven we are supposed to have a cold front moving through starting tomorrow with temps going down into the windows and doors open category…..YEA…..

Abby likes school,,lol

310916_10150357531893488_613333487_9928943_5790702_n waiting on the school bus…..

Looks just like here mommy…..

cheerleader katiecan’t remember when this was taken but Katie was really young here…

On a good news front  Mom got home from the hospital yesterday….She still isn’t feeling up to par but she is getting better.

Oh Guess what I won…….Yes I won a $50 e gift certificate from……..loads of german goodies to order which I did last nite already……Couldn’t wait…..

I am still working on my cocoon  on the Martha Stewart loom.. gotta remember to take a pic of it…..

for now stay safe and have a Happy Holiday weekend.

hugs Birgit

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Sunday to all

Well my friends its been an interesting week here at Mausie’s house..

Hubby sick with the fly mom sick with the flu wait wait  the fly you say??yes  my dears…and mom decided to go one step further and wake me up at 6 am yesterday morning  with I can’t breathe,,,,,,Oh my with heart  problems and COPD  ambulance was called… well  her flu turned into pneumonia. She was at doc’s wednesday but apparently  the atb’s she got prescribed weren’t cutting it so by saturday her white count up to 21000 and  all labs just totally off. so  Mom is in the hospital on Iv antibiotics, steroid shots, lovenox injections,blood sugar checks ( no she doesn’t have diabetes but steroids can make your blood sugars go high) her O2 sats finally came up from yesterday morning where she was constantly below 80 ( they even put her on a non rebreather mask) but since this morning she is on nasal cannula. but still loads of crackles and rales in both lungs so  in she will stay a few days/…

On my front so far  knocking on wood I am well……

did have doc appointment wednesday with cardio,.he put me on a newer med called Ranexa  that is supposed to help with small vessel  circulation etc etc.. Lets see if it helps I sure hope so…..I am working on a baby cocoon on my Martha Stewart loom. I am doing it in the oval… long oval since I am making it as a trial for a 9 month old…I still like the Martha Looms…. I really really love the fact you can change the gauge on them  by just using  her different pegs colors…. I like the light blue pegs the most it  makes such a lovely  tight knit stitch… but for the cocoon I am using the large pink pegs with a hole skipped so its larger gauge especially since I am using the red heart cloud yarn. with its fuzzy ness   and tending to  just get caught in the hook and stuff I thought it would be better to go the larger way…

Anyhow all my east coast friends please continue to stay safe

hugs to all Birgit

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cake and baby cocoon

So the cake is gone…lol

here is the last 2 pieces


and finished my baby cocoon in red heart cloud yarn in peach color with matching baby hat

100_1189 I had promised I would never buy this yarn again……well  no sooner had I posted it on facebook to show off

I had an order for 2…How cool is that… so guess who is going to the store to buy more………..

trying to make some potato soup for tonite with german smoked sausages

but Allison is not cooperating with me…..She wants to play and be held… right now Oma has her .I snuck in her to the pc after a bathroom break so I could post this…………LOL

hugs to all


Sunday, August 21, 2011

yummy Birthday cake

Well first time ever I tried my hand at making a

Schwarzwaelder Kirsch torte

translated…..Black forrest cake…

this is before

100_1183 it has 1  light color  cake

then 2 layers of chocoloate  cake

this is the assembly…..

light bottom

brush with Kirschwasser’ couldn’t find any so I used rum

then whip cream

then  cherry pie filling cooked  some more to thicken it more

then chocolate layer  same thing  brush with kirschwasser

then whip cream  then cherries

then chocolate layer and  whip cream all around….

set it in the fridge to cool

then go over the  cream  with a  knife to kind of straighten it

then  little dollops of star shaped  whip cream and each one get a marachino cherry……………YUMMY

and this is real heavy whipping cream I creamed with my own little hands…..LOL naa used my kitchen machine…….


and after  its decorated….

Think Katie will like it?Honestly she don’t care what it looks like she wants the taste……….

hugs Birgit

Happy 29th Birthday Katie

Hard to believe its been 29 years ago that you where born

Hoping your Birthday is wonderful……

see ya tonite at dinner….

love you mom and dad


Red roseRed heartBirthday cakeGift with a bowSun

Monday, August 15, 2011

Seems like blogger and windows live writer are nuts today

Just wanted to let everyone know that………..

Hugs Birgit

Time Flies

Today brings back loads of memories to me…..It’s the day before

Abby’s first day of school..It reminds me of when my kids started even though

it was loads and loads of years ago…..

my son will be 31 this year and my daughter 29…Am I really that old already???

Naaaaaaa not really…

But it also makes me sad cause I remember when my first day of school was..

Germans make it a somewhat festive occasion the first day….

these are some that are out now…. these are filled with

goodies for the school child… pencils.,coloring books,erasers. and of course sweets….

you can get them for boys or girls buy them finished and loaded or make them yourself from a kit

and fill them yourself…..

Oh we all where so proud to be going to school with our Schultuete in hand…these where large….

Anyhow we mostly introduced ourselves to each other and to the teacher … Now also our school in germany starts with 6 and that’s first grade… Kindergarden is something you go to for several years before that.. it’s a combination of daycare and then as you get older your tought the abc, 123 etc……I know I had a pic of me with mine but for the life of me I can not find it….LOL

I hope Abby likes school and makes loads of friends…..

On the Martha Stewart loom front……

Here is my little Allison modeling her hat… she didn’t even take it off so she must have liked it……..2 teeth through…..Finally….

I did do a weaved block yesterday……not quite the way it was supposed to be… I will keep trying..Can’t get a pic right now Hubby is still sleeping and its in the bedroom closet.

I have to put yarny stuff away or my cats have a field day with it….

So see ya’s all later my friends……Hugs Birgit

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Martha Stewart Loom review…….

Ok so I said in my last post that I ordered the  Martha Stewart looms…

Now just remember this is my opinion only based on  my experience with

these looms……. first off they came yesterday  3 days early

major plus……

So I fiddled with them  just putting them together etc…..


the round loom and then  the itty bitty  4 corners loom…. pegs are plenty  pink, green, blue and gray……

the pink is the largest

the green the second largest

then the blue  last the gray ones….

Once assembled  nothing came apart… not the loom or the pegs…now some of the pegs

are harder to fit in the holes than others but rather harder than just slipping in cause then they

can come out easier…..

there is also a weaving tool so you can make your own weaved blocks to put together

into all kinds of  artful  home deco or clothes, blankets  scarfs etc…

I will try that next…

Drawbacks are  the hook tool which I didn’t even use since it seems really flimsy and also have not even the littlest bit of point to the end…I like my KK hook tools….

The plastic darning needles and crochet hook are a joke in my eyes but for people starting

out without any of those products  they would be ok to get started.

now for my project


A little hat made from just the 2 round pieces…or rather 2 half rounds put together into a whole round circle………..

Absolutely love the stitch.. it’s the basic ewrap which is always looser than the knit stitch or the pear….this is lovely looks like knitting on 2 needles…..

this would be a baby hat…..however there are  small long extensions that you can  make ovals

from that would be for KK users as large as the purple KK..which is what I use for adults….

Also due to the size pegs  being larger or smaller in gauge I think if you would use the larger pegs and ewrap you would get a looser fit  for toddlers lets say on this round alone…

All worth trying out….

The flower was made on the little 4 corner loom… if its not to pretty its because I haven’t made many flowers and  still need practice to sew them together,,,,,,I will try and update as I learn to do things on my Martha Stewart looms..

On another front our Abby is starting kindergarden tuesday…She is so excited…Allison has finally cut 2 teeth poor baby she has not been a happy camper this week but ice cubes and  frozen teethers have been her favorite toys this week,.

She is also walking behind a push along  toy up till now she only walked as long as she could hold on to furniture….

228876_157466430999766_100002092303082_303417_3737342_n no picture of Abby in school clothes or anything she never held still long enough….Gotta love 5 year olds…….

Ok  gotta go  work some more… going to make  spaetzle tonite with Gulasch gravy……

Hugs to all… A wonderful weekend


Monday, August 8, 2011

I am excited….I splurged a bit on myself

Well yes I did  but more on that later…………….

Hope everyone has been doing ok  I know some of you  are getting kids ready to go back to

school trying to get sleep schedules  worked out again after 12 weeks ( more or less) of summer vacation….I know my daughter has been working on the last month already to get

Abby  going to bed  earlier and earlier since Abby starts Kinder garden  next week….


Had the whole gang over last nite for Spaghetti dinner with german strawberry cake and peack cobbler for desert.,…


and the peach cobbler

100_1166 yes if you look close my stove top is spotted with sauce but the sauce was still slowly simmering………

one of the big things I hate about spaghetti sauce is the mess it makes after hours of simmering

on the stove but oh well.they loved it……William and Robert wanted to fight over the strawberry cake each wanted more ( note to self next time make 2)

Other than that the girls keep me busy from Mondays through thursdays… Fridays I just hang

trying to do laundry and clean….or do nothing as the case may be,,,,lol

Haven’t been to enthused or  anything about crocheting or loom knitting either…. to tired most

of the time…Reading my kindle  mainly…..( did I ever tell you I love my Kindle?)

my DIL  got a Nook color last week…………its neat  but if your not into magazine subscriptions then a black and white reader is good….just FYI magazines as ebooks take up tons of room in memory…..

so now for my splurge ……Been hearing about these new looms backed by Martha Stewart…. well took a look online on HSN where they are being sold right now….

Martha Stewart   take a look here…. Now being on facebook I am into some of their crafty groups on there  and some of the peeps got this loom set…..Most have only good things to say about it mainly how versatile it is….drawbacks are the  loom tool breaks easy but to me that’s not such a biggy since I have several from other looms I have….

So I  waited and read and waited  and read reviews and asked questions in the groups

and Friday I bought them….. Can not wait for them to arrive……Maybe once some of this heat

is gone I can get more idea’s on what to make again…….( reminder to self need to scrounge up some pretty yarn )….

Other than that nothing new here…….Hope you all have a good back to school week……….

or a good week if there is no back to school person in your house….

Hugs Birgit

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing new here

Well nothing new here to report….Doing a lot of reading on my Kindle….

Did I ever tell you I love my Kindle?? Best thing I ever got except my PC.

Girls are here  4 days a week now since their daddy’s work schedule has changed

to 3rd shift..

Abby will start school this  year…..

Allison is 9 months old and still toothless and almost hair less….LOL

I am trying to stay cool with the heat we have been having…

Other than that  been doing a little loom knitting but not much…

No  OOMMPPPHHH or Mojo whatever you wanna call it…

Hubby is working on  moving the  washer and dryer into the garage so I can

use the small laundry  off the Kitchen  for storage since Kitchen is so small.

I have been following up on my  fave blogs

loads of things been happening both good and bad…

RJ is sewing some cute stuff

Bee Lady is  creating with her Granny Bee circle

Scribe is knitting

Glor  enjoyed some much needed rain

Doris is enjoying her pears 

and so on and so forth

Politics lets not even  mention

One of these days I will post something great …….

in the meantime

Hugs Birgit

Friday, July 8, 2011

Lovely weather we are having….

A wonderful Good Friday morning to all…Its been raining here all

night a slow rain mostly with a little lightning and thunder thrown in

but nothing major..It feels so good this morning.70* right now with more

slow rain…I love this weather………

Had the girls  Tuesday and Wednesday..

Allison is not feeling to well this week..She is teething big time

but it doesn’t keep her off food as you can see for yourself.

100_1156 HMMMM Rice cereal and applesauce,,,

She wants more….She is 8 months old now.. Crawls everywhere

pulls herself up even takes a couple steps holding on to furniture but  hardly any hair

the poor child……..She is a Happy baby over all……Mostly smiles all the time

Here she is at home with mommy  who was cooking  and guess what happens when

mommy looks down

263006_139393186140424_100002092303082_253584_6647424_nthat’s right she falls asleep sitting in her walker….

Poor tired baby…….

In regards to crafting  haven’t done much.. I had finished the baby blanket but since then nothing,.

Anyhow  hope you all have a Happy TGIF

and weekend of course

Hugs Birgit

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hoping Everyone has a wonderful 4th of July…………..

Wishing everyone a wonderful 4th with lots of good food and  family and friends.

I am  almost done with my prep for tonite… BBQ at  the son’s house….

LOl was looking for a pic of my son  barbequing but wouldn’t you know it  none to be found..

I know there is one… Its started raining here this am its 9:30 am right now

but supposed to be dry by tonite…

Will try and remember the camera to take some pics..

cake is cooling waiting to be frosted,,,,macaroni salad is done except for last minute

tasting… potato salad is waiting for mayo the other for my

bacon sauce…….. then slice tomats and sweet onions …

poor  Willie he has to work today and my DIL too except him all day she only till 1 pm/.///

off I go back to the kitchen for a bit……


hugs Birgit

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well I am home again

Had the heart cath yesterday,  they put a stent in a stent..Didn’t know that

was possible… also found out the one bypass from 2009 is closed,,,no clue if anything

will be done there though I doubt it….

back to the couch I go to watch tv doze and read…. maybe crochet a little

if I don’t fall asleep  ..I do those little  15 minute dozing things right now.

all that Versed……hugs to all a wonderful week to you


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Been really busy..

Sorry I haven’t been around the weather is  beautiful

despite a nasty storm last nite  that woke me and Allison up.

I had Allison last nite which was fun and this morning was the first

time she pulled herself up to a standing position. Of course my camera

doesn’t  hold a charge  anymore so I took a pic with my cell

I still need to figure out how to get it to my pc./…lol

My middle grandson who is 11 also spent the nite last nite.

he had fun with Grandpa. playing on the pc and helping  clean the storage

shed in the back yard.

I will be missing in action in the next couple days I have my heart cath tomorrow

and have no clue where they are going to access wether its left leg in which case

I will have problems sitting  up in front of the pc  for a couple days and if its my right arm

oh well never had an access in the arm so no clue there.

hope its my left arm to be honest. Oh well……

Will update as soon as I know…..

Wish me luck  and to all a wonderful week….

Hugs Birgit

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I just did my first shopping trip with my handfull of coupons…..

Saved almost $ 40 …..I am a very Happy Camper…

That’s a  gas tank full for me………….

Nite Nite All……….

Hugs Birgit

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does anyone Coupon and such???

Tonite a  little  question??

Does anyone  out there use  Coupons.. I have decided with the price

of food and stuff to  get into coupons. Now I am not talking  like Extreme Couponing

even though would love to buy $500 worth of stuff and only pay  $50 …LOL

I am not a hoarder I want to  try and get the items we use  daily cheaper.

That’s all..I am not one to  buy stuff just because its cheap cause to me if me and the

family doesn’t use it why buy it???

So tell me does anyone coupon?

if so what's your  way of doing it.

Are you organized and how?

Is there anything you can advise me to do  ( like  getting a sunday paper)or not to do ( like buying a 100 sunday papers..LOL)??

Come my bloggette friends please  help me out…I would love to hear your  suggestions

Hugs for now




New pic of Allison and Abby……


PS: wasn’t the weather beautiful today???/

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Some Interesting Facts about me……Just what you wanted to know…lol

Thank you Casey.....


I have never done a fun survey  , I thought it might be fun to do one. This is one I've seen around the blogs lately, so here's mine! If you have done this one already or do it now, I'd love to read yours as well, just leave me a comment with the link!

A. Age: 52,

B. Bed size: full

C. Chore that you hate: The most? Dishes

D. Dogs: 2 mutts

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee, pc and quiet time to read news and blog updates

F. Favourite color: right now  lavender, purple

G. Gold or Silver: hmm gold

H. Height: 5'2”
I. Instruments you play: none

J. Job title: Mom, grandma,schnuckel
K. Kids: 2 one boy one girl

L. Live: Indiana

M. Mother's name: Helga
N. Nicknames: Schatzi ,schnuckel or Mausie All Hubby’s names for me…

O. Overnight hospital stays: way to many to count

P. Pet peeve: leaving empty containers in a cabinet or fridge

Q. Quote from a movie: none really

R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: 3 2 brothers 1 sister

T. Time you wake up: anywhere from 6 am through 8

U. Underwear: I wear underwear. yup sure do
V. Vegetable you hate: things like collards and mustard greens but love spinach

W. What makes you run late: my husband if I need to be on time I tell him 30 minutes earlier

X. X-Rays you've had: again to many to count,, each arm,shoulders, foot,chest etc etc

Y. Yummy food that you make: Lasagna

Z. Zoo animal: I have none  but if I did it would be a dolphin


truckin5599721556557565444444 hugs Birgit

Really getting annoyed with Blogger

Here I am all is quiet, lovely saturday morning, my cup of coffee at my side

and reading my  lovely Blog friends…

of course Trying to leave comments and again Blogger keeps telling me service  unavailable

Blogger fix this……

AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH my friends will think I have left themmmmmmmm

I haven’t……really annoyed……..

3D Smiles (20)  Birgit

Friday, June 10, 2011

Another round of ?????

Well again its been a  between grandkids  and doctor appointments

and being lazy and trying to crochet my baby blanket and and and…

well you all know what I mean… Anyhow,,blogger is  crazy  sometimes I get updates

sometimes I don’t.. Sometimes I can post comments sometimes I can’t

sort of feels like “Sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don’t” Peanut Clip Art

Know what I mean??  

Was really enjoying  the weather  now its hot…Even able to be outside in the evenings for a

few nite’s till it got hot….. I think you get the picture I really don’t like hot.

Been to  my new endocrinologist  2 times have to change from insulin pump to long acting.

Normally the pump and site is changed every 3 days. Since I am on plavix and 325 mg Aspirin

I bleed more so  my pump started giving me error all the time.. Daily   needed to change site..

no fun  and since I can’t stop Plavix or Aspirin   long acting insulin here I come…

That took some getting used to again.. But levels are good… fewer lows really no highs

Let me tell you waking up at 4:30 in the AM  with a BS of 43  covered in sweat eyes not working right   is no fun..Run for that sugar time  but its better now… did some adjusting and we are

getting there……..

New cardiologist also  made me run the  marathon with a lexiscan chemical stress test..

Calls me the next day… Birgit he says we need to do a heart cath… Stress and echo show

abnormal… Well I knew that….I have being a diabetic really do… not just the fact that you really need to watch what you eat and how much but also my  cardiac symptoms are absent.. Null , Nix, Nada….  chest pain yes but I never know really how bad it is … pressure mainly  never a OMG

pain… Don’t know if that makes sense …But cardiac patients who are diabetics  do not have the typical cardiac symptoms due to  the nerve damage from the diabetes….

anyhow  the 27th off for heart cath……..

well almost a year since the last one..Lets see what is found now….

Then on my baby blanket crocheting front … not coming along fast at all….seems like my hands or arms keep falling asleep..I am about 1/4  there…..I think…anyhow….

I  keep up with all my  bloggy friends… never fear….its just sometimes not time  to comment

or  can’t do much more than click the mouse to read /….

so this is my latest update…. grandkids coming tonite ….

Hugs to all……Birgit3D Smiles (342) yes I need a drink if I would drink…………lol

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Weekend Sunday

Well finally took some pics of the baby blanket I am working on..

100_1144 basket weave stich

crochet with

100_1146Bernat baby sports yarn and

J crochet hook…..

100_1145a bit blurry sorry about that but I have

loads of problems lately with shaky hands when trying to do certain things…

its variegated in blue, green and white…. lovely colors for a boy….

I am for some reason really slow with this. Not hard to do at all but just not

any mojo for it….

Wishing all a Happy Sunday……Hugs Birgit

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wishing all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend

Well its been a few since I last posted. Had some minor and major storms go through

power failure  etc… When we had tornado warning the other nite we went

to my sons house since he has a basement. But I must say Thank Heaven it  was

not needed. The storm was no where near as bad as predicted.  Having lived through Hurricane

Ike a few years ago  this was just a major thunder storm… So all is good.

Have had a major sore throat this past week. Went to Doc finally on Thursday

no Strep  just an infection- Laryngitis.. Of course everyone  loved the fact that

I really couldn’t talk ( not that I talk to much)..Stayed away from the grankids though for

a few days.

Yesterday  I ended up calling Ems for my mom. she was  just having more problems breathing than usual. She is ok, no pneumonia  however white count is high so she is getting some

IV antibiotics…still in the hospital. My son  drove after the ambulance so I could

take care of my Blood sugars and eat before going in…. And then my daughter

came in and sat a spell with her so I could go home and relax and eat…. That’s been a blessing

for me. Usually I do it all alone so having someone help has been wonderful.

Less guilt on my part when I  need a time out or  need to take care of myself  for a change…

Wishing all a wonderful Weekend.. Stay Safe…. Don’t drink and drive….

Hugs Birgit remember_those_who_se_a_mb

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Pics and my story

Well as you have noticed I have been MIA again.. not really

just busy..

Went to my 7 year old grandsons baseball game the other nite…so cool

had forgotten how cute they are…..No picture hoping to get one of him in his uniform but here

he is

225646_10150589884320179_664925178_18555802_1897140_nthere is my little cutie pie..oops don’t tell him I called him

that,, he is to old to be called cutie pie ….

Then last friday nite I went with my  fellow  college friend to her daughters LPN graduation in Sellersburg… Oh my did that bring back memories…

Congratulations Cassie….. So proud of you …. and she is going on for RN she starts in June..

Oh and by the way she passed her Nursing boards…….YIPPEE>…

Then tonite or rather today was my Birthday,,,, yup  Mausie hit the big 52,,Oh My don’t feel that old

kids all where here tonite after work.. nothing fancy to eat  Pizza and Bertolli’s Ravioli , ice cream and chocolate cake

100_1136 Zoie, Danielle, and Allison on the couch… my mom in the recliner  my hubby in the chair and my daughter Katie’s back….


100_1134Danielle  with Kaleb at my pc…

100_1131Here I am with Allison….. Abby  was never still enough to take a pic of……

100_1129there’s my boy…. all grown up…..

100_1128this is the little house we live in….

100_1125 front door is there….

100_1127 at the end  a view into the fenced in back yard,,,,,,

anyhow   not been doing to much crafting

002side view of the bag I am trying to make


001this is the bottom. I am weaving it… but I think I should have wove the bottom first then  loom knit  up the sides like the small bag I made for Abby one time…. this is the one


see the bottom.. anyhow gonna finish it and see  what its like Abby love it already so  She will have another bag  when done….lol

Good nite all for  now… Some of you have had loads of fun in the crafting dept

Wish I could join in …. hugs Birgit……