Friday, July 8, 2011

Lovely weather we are having….

A wonderful Good Friday morning to all…Its been raining here all

night a slow rain mostly with a little lightning and thunder thrown in

but nothing major..It feels so good this morning.70* right now with more

slow rain…I love this weather………

Had the girls  Tuesday and Wednesday..

Allison is not feeling to well this week..She is teething big time

but it doesn’t keep her off food as you can see for yourself.

100_1156 HMMMM Rice cereal and applesauce,,,

She wants more….She is 8 months old now.. Crawls everywhere

pulls herself up even takes a couple steps holding on to furniture but  hardly any hair

the poor child……..She is a Happy baby over all……Mostly smiles all the time

Here she is at home with mommy  who was cooking  and guess what happens when

mommy looks down

263006_139393186140424_100002092303082_253584_6647424_nthat’s right she falls asleep sitting in her walker….

Poor tired baby…….

In regards to crafting  haven’t done much.. I had finished the baby blanket but since then nothing,.

Anyhow  hope you all have a Happy TGIF

and weekend of course

Hugs Birgit

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  1. Sweet little grandbaby...they're so sweet when they sleep. I love the age she is, learning so much. I bet she is walking by the end of the month! THen getting into everything. Glad you are enjoying living in Indiana. I sure wish it would rain's all or nothing!

    Cindy Bee