Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing new here

Well nothing new here to report….Doing a lot of reading on my Kindle….

Did I ever tell you I love my Kindle?? Best thing I ever got except my PC.

Girls are here  4 days a week now since their daddy’s work schedule has changed

to 3rd shift..

Abby will start school this  year…..

Allison is 9 months old and still toothless and almost hair less….LOL

I am trying to stay cool with the heat we have been having…

Other than that  been doing a little loom knitting but not much…

No  OOMMPPPHHH or Mojo whatever you wanna call it…

Hubby is working on  moving the  washer and dryer into the garage so I can

use the small laundry  off the Kitchen  for storage since Kitchen is so small.

I have been following up on my  fave blogs

loads of things been happening both good and bad…

RJ is sewing some cute stuff

Bee Lady is  creating with her Granny Bee circle

Scribe is knitting

Glor  enjoyed some much needed rain

Doris is enjoying her pears 

and so on and so forth

Politics lets not even  mention

One of these days I will post something great …….

in the meantime

Hugs Birgit


  1. Hey Birgit, it's great to hear from you even though there is nothing new to report. Just nice to know you are still there. Give yourself time to settle in. Seems like you moved to Indiana and just jumped in being busy and didn't have much time for you. So glad you are enjoying family though, especially those grandkids!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Family is making you happy as ever....i can tell. Hope you are having fun.

  3. Oh, I don't know, sounds real enough to me!

    Keeping cool is hard work in this heat wave we've been enduring, but don't let your guard down. That hairless wee one will need hats soon enough. Better get busy with that!