Monday, August 8, 2011

I am excited….I splurged a bit on myself

Well yes I did  but more on that later…………….

Hope everyone has been doing ok  I know some of you  are getting kids ready to go back to

school trying to get sleep schedules  worked out again after 12 weeks ( more or less) of summer vacation….I know my daughter has been working on the last month already to get

Abby  going to bed  earlier and earlier since Abby starts Kinder garden  next week….


Had the whole gang over last nite for Spaghetti dinner with german strawberry cake and peack cobbler for desert.,…


and the peach cobbler

100_1166 yes if you look close my stove top is spotted with sauce but the sauce was still slowly simmering………

one of the big things I hate about spaghetti sauce is the mess it makes after hours of simmering

on the stove but oh well.they loved it……William and Robert wanted to fight over the strawberry cake each wanted more ( note to self next time make 2)

Other than that the girls keep me busy from Mondays through thursdays… Fridays I just hang

trying to do laundry and clean….or do nothing as the case may be,,,,lol

Haven’t been to enthused or  anything about crocheting or loom knitting either…. to tired most

of the time…Reading my kindle  mainly…..( did I ever tell you I love my Kindle?)

my DIL  got a Nook color last week…………its neat  but if your not into magazine subscriptions then a black and white reader is good….just FYI magazines as ebooks take up tons of room in memory…..

so now for my splurge ……Been hearing about these new looms backed by Martha Stewart…. well took a look online on HSN where they are being sold right now….

Martha Stewart   take a look here…. Now being on facebook I am into some of their crafty groups on there  and some of the peeps got this loom set…..Most have only good things to say about it mainly how versatile it is….drawbacks are the  loom tool breaks easy but to me that’s not such a biggy since I have several from other looms I have….

So I  waited and read and waited  and read reviews and asked questions in the groups

and Friday I bought them….. Can not wait for them to arrive……Maybe once some of this heat

is gone I can get more idea’s on what to make again…….( reminder to self need to scrounge up some pretty yarn )….

Other than that nothing new here…….Hope you all have a good back to school week……….

or a good week if there is no back to school person in your house….

Hugs Birgit


  1. Spaghetti is my favorite food. I could eat it every day...and your desserts look scrumptious!

  2. I think if you're going to post pictures of those delicious looking desserts, you should think about posting the recipes.

    I'm looking forward to your loom review.

  3. I don't simmer my spaghetti sauce very long at all, but then I use canned tomatoes and I keep everything sort of al dente and fresca because I don't use meat and I like the chunky veggies in there over the whole wheat spaghetti pasta!

    I think I would have loved to taste a piece of your Erdbeerkuchen because I've not had one for a long, long time and I adore fresh strawberries...

    I've never tried to use a loom, but since I've got too many WIP, I'd best not try yet another one that I won't be able to finish LOL

    Have a wonderful day!