Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday…LOL

Well most I guess have gone shopping today.Not me.. gifts will be all handmade this year. potholders working on my last set of the 4 that I am making right now.


This is a blue variegated to a purple color.

simple single crochet with  chains  and single crochet around the outside.

still have to sew up the yarn


picture is bad here but you can see the colors.

the 3rd one is a red variegated and the 4th and final one to  finish is  another blue one with purple.

then 3b2af47af797__1290537035000

the scarf is done to a hat I have done.

100_0978 this one actually…lol.

going to hop back to the living room and  crochet a little more…

hugs and Happy Shopping.From South Texas signing off for now


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my  blog friends near and far a Happy Thanksgiving,.

I am thankful for

our continued recovery especially Mom’s

our kids thanks William and Katie for being you

our grandkids , all so lovely

Zoe, Kaleb,Daegon,Abby,Allison

Our Service men and women who serve and protect our Country may God Bless them and bring them home to their families real soon, and their families who  go without their loved ones

Thank you All for what you do.

Our Police Officers who keep us save and protect us here at home… Thank you Robert..

Our firefighters who go  out in all kinds of weather to rescue, fight fires and all the other stuff they do.. Thank you William

May God in his infinite wisdom guide us and show us his Love and Mercy

Love to all

Hugs from South Texas

Birgit thankscard1

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Sunday before Thanksgiving

I have been MIA…lol. Well loads going on in RL. My mom was in the hospital again this time 2 weeks for pneumonia. Just got her home to my house  friday. So its been hectic. I am  still working on Christmas gifts. Got 2 sets of potholders done for my daughter and DIL. then  looked at some christmas ornaments  at Brenda’s

to also  do some ornaments for everyone. Still crocheting some scarfs to go with some hats I made. For some reason I don’t like making scarfs. Not sure why. They seem to take forever I think anyhow. so working on 2 different ones not so I get bored.

Other than that


our little cutie sleeps about 3 hours before getting hungry so that’s not too bad.. Abby is still waking her up during the day to play with her and hold her…lol

so for now just in case I don’t get a chance to  say it later this week

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…

Hugs from South Texas