Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well I am home again

Had the heart cath yesterday,  they put a stent in a stent..Didn’t know that

was possible… also found out the one bypass from 2009 is closed,,,no clue if anything

will be done there though I doubt it….

back to the couch I go to watch tv doze and read…. maybe crochet a little

if I don’t fall asleep  ..I do those little  15 minute dozing things right now.

all that Versed……hugs to all a wonderful week to you


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Been really busy..

Sorry I haven’t been around the weather is  beautiful

despite a nasty storm last nite  that woke me and Allison up.

I had Allison last nite which was fun and this morning was the first

time she pulled herself up to a standing position. Of course my camera

doesn’t  hold a charge  anymore so I took a pic with my cell

I still need to figure out how to get it to my pc./…lol

My middle grandson who is 11 also spent the nite last nite.

he had fun with Grandpa. playing on the pc and helping  clean the storage

shed in the back yard.

I will be missing in action in the next couple days I have my heart cath tomorrow

and have no clue where they are going to access wether its left leg in which case

I will have problems sitting  up in front of the pc  for a couple days and if its my right arm

oh well never had an access in the arm so no clue there.

hope its my left arm to be honest. Oh well……

Will update as soon as I know…..

Wish me luck  and to all a wonderful week….

Hugs Birgit