Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Saturday to All

As you are aware I have been watching Allison  during the week or rather from  monday through thursday’s. Yesterday hubby and I went to Hobby Lobby  and Jo-ann’s…. yummy yarn was bought and another purple  KK hatloom.

The reason being is  I have several orders for hats.. So take a look.

100_1194 the first one I made….by the way  these are the german  flag colors.. well not the white but the gold,red and black show up well on the white back ground.

100_1199 here would be another version  black background with the gold and red stripe…

100_1201and here my first try at a vertical striped hat. it’s a redbrown  with  a variegated  red,brown,gray,pink as the other stripe..It’s a bit more time consuming  due to the wrapping but its fun to make and look at when finished. Have to try to make one with a bit more contrasting colors to really show what it looks like.

anyhow some of my german friends really like the   german type hats and  put in some orders… so this weekend will be a marathon of hat making.

I finally found my  mannequin head  so  I can take other pics besides using my little model…lol. As you can tell Allison is not  to happy about hats  when I put them on her.

My cocoon is  coming along… working on the top part now .

Hope you all are having a good weekend. We have had a whole week of  just  slow slow rain. looks a bit gray all the time  but you know its ok. I love the cooler weather since I have more energy….

for today  you all have a wonderful weekend..Hugs Birgit