Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Friday Eve as my old Boss used to say...

Well a couple days peace and quiet now from doc appointments then next week tuesday the 21st I go for my 7th Heart cath...Oh well this too shall pass I suppose....
Treated myself today with my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and bought my 10" authentic Knitting board... yippee can't wait. Going to start on my grand daughters all colored afghan on it. its going to be in 10" wide strips each strip a different color... Pink, purple. lime green. lavender,yellow... might add a couple more colors... Abby wants an all colored afghan.
so she shall have one....I will post a pic of some of the colors I have already. I am using Caron simply soft since I really like those vibrant colors and I am sure she will too.

One of the blogs I am following is Attic 24
such lovely colors in her works...........

See ya soon I hope...
Hugs Birgit

Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Afternoon Monday.

Well I have read some of my fave Blog updates this morning. Seems like everyone is just busy and getting ready for fall. Now fall here in south texas is going to be a while yet. a hot and humid 88 degrees at 12:30 pm. Can't wait for it to really cool off and be able to open windows and doors.
A/c here gets to work overtime every day , sometimes I wonder how people used to get along without it.... Yikes can you imagine... 90 some degree weather and humidity and no A/C????
scary thought.
on another note I am working on a skinny scarf to a purple varigated Hat I made out of some of Vanna's yarn. Here is the hat...
Now come the scarf. Skinny and long with I think some fringe this time,,
My first at trying to make fringe.... Its going to be a time of many firsts....
I hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of the week
Hugs Birgit

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday to all

Well this is my first blog and
My journey into crafts began in January 2010. well not quite. last august I bought a purple long knifty knitter loom. tried it out put it away just couldn't make heads or tails out of it.
This January I found while searching some blogs on loom knitting and was hooked.
I bought the set of round looms by knifty knitter and started looming. baby hats at first then adult . and children. Some with scarfs some without.
But I have learned that I love crafts. Now I am not as talented as some bloggers I follow but I hope with time and perseverance that I get as good as some. If not I will have had fun
That is one of my first baby hats I made just out of some rest baby yarn my mom had.
Love looming its so relaxing to me. I am able to crochet but my hands ( both of them) get sore real fast due to carpal tunnel but looming is easier on my joints.
Till next time
Hugs Birgit