Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday to all

Well this is my first blog and
My journey into crafts began in January 2010. well not quite. last august I bought a purple long knifty knitter loom. tried it out put it away just couldn't make heads or tails out of it.
This January I found while searching some blogs on loom knitting and was hooked.
I bought the set of round looms by knifty knitter and started looming. baby hats at first then adult . and children. Some with scarfs some without.
But I have learned that I love crafts. Now I am not as talented as some bloggers I follow but I hope with time and perseverance that I get as good as some. If not I will have had fun
That is one of my first baby hats I made just out of some rest baby yarn my mom had.
Love looming its so relaxing to me. I am able to crochet but my hands ( both of them) get sore real fast due to carpal tunnel but looming is easier on my joints.
Till next time
Hugs Birgit

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