Friday, December 16, 2011

It has been a while oh my

So sorry its been so long since I last visited with you all. I am so busy with orders and  the girls mainly and trying to get some baking done too..then  last of the year doctor appointments  you know how that goes Life gets in the way…..3D Smiles (76)

it has not been as cold as  my little man is pretending it to be but I am trying to get myself revved up for  more baking today…

Will put on my No Knead bread so I can start baking  tomorrow or day after.. It lasts 7 days in the fridge and the only kneading it needs is actually the mixing of all the ingredients and my kitchenaid mixer does that for me.. Every couple days I take a chunk of dough from the fridge then let it rise at room temp and then bake it and within 30 minutes I have a nice loaf of bread….My husband loves it….. will also  get my nuts ground  and chocolate melted for my  bourbon balls and rum balls today.. they will soak so to speak over nite in the fridge then get done tomorrow. No knead Bread this is the recipe…. absolutely so easy and yummy….100_1371here is a picture of the bread… oh and the last one you make from the batch has a distinct little bit of sour taste as in sour dough bread….Yummy

On the looming front I am busy with  making making making…lol.. I have 3 hats I am sending out today the scarfs are in the works for those 3 hats….

One of my fellow loomers has an absolutely cute little snowman she made up

Guppy Girl go take a look  they are so cute……

Monday I wont have Allison she will be with her other Nana since I will accompany Katie to her doc appointment then to finish Christmas shopping…We have not been out and about in quite a few months so I am looking forward to this expedition…lol….

I  have seen some snow  but nothing stuck of course and our weather has been a bit nuts.. warmer than usual…lol of course I am back in Hoosier land.

Last year this time kids had snowdays already a couple times due to all the snow they had…….So I hope you all enjoy the non snow and Enjoy getting ready for Christmas….

Hugs to all……..