Monday, August 15, 2011

Seems like blogger and windows live writer are nuts today

Just wanted to let everyone know that………..

Hugs Birgit

Time Flies

Today brings back loads of memories to me…..It’s the day before

Abby’s first day of school..It reminds me of when my kids started even though

it was loads and loads of years ago…..

my son will be 31 this year and my daughter 29…Am I really that old already???

Naaaaaaa not really…

But it also makes me sad cause I remember when my first day of school was..

Germans make it a somewhat festive occasion the first day….

these are some that are out now…. these are filled with

goodies for the school child… pencils.,coloring books,erasers. and of course sweets….

you can get them for boys or girls buy them finished and loaded or make them yourself from a kit

and fill them yourself…..

Oh we all where so proud to be going to school with our Schultuete in hand…these where large….

Anyhow we mostly introduced ourselves to each other and to the teacher … Now also our school in germany starts with 6 and that’s first grade… Kindergarden is something you go to for several years before that.. it’s a combination of daycare and then as you get older your tought the abc, 123 etc……I know I had a pic of me with mine but for the life of me I can not find it….LOL

I hope Abby likes school and makes loads of friends…..

On the Martha Stewart loom front……

Here is my little Allison modeling her hat… she didn’t even take it off so she must have liked it……..2 teeth through…..Finally….

I did do a weaved block yesterday……not quite the way it was supposed to be… I will keep trying..Can’t get a pic right now Hubby is still sleeping and its in the bedroom closet.

I have to put yarny stuff away or my cats have a field day with it….

So see ya’s all later my friends……Hugs Birgit

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Martha Stewart Loom review…….

Ok so I said in my last post that I ordered the  Martha Stewart looms…

Now just remember this is my opinion only based on  my experience with

these looms……. first off they came yesterday  3 days early

major plus……

So I fiddled with them  just putting them together etc…..


the round loom and then  the itty bitty  4 corners loom…. pegs are plenty  pink, green, blue and gray……

the pink is the largest

the green the second largest

then the blue  last the gray ones….

Once assembled  nothing came apart… not the loom or the pegs…now some of the pegs

are harder to fit in the holes than others but rather harder than just slipping in cause then they

can come out easier…..

there is also a weaving tool so you can make your own weaved blocks to put together

into all kinds of  artful  home deco or clothes, blankets  scarfs etc…

I will try that next…

Drawbacks are  the hook tool which I didn’t even use since it seems really flimsy and also have not even the littlest bit of point to the end…I like my KK hook tools….

The plastic darning needles and crochet hook are a joke in my eyes but for people starting

out without any of those products  they would be ok to get started.

now for my project


A little hat made from just the 2 round pieces…or rather 2 half rounds put together into a whole round circle………..

Absolutely love the stitch.. it’s the basic ewrap which is always looser than the knit stitch or the pear….this is lovely looks like knitting on 2 needles…..

this would be a baby hat…..however there are  small long extensions that you can  make ovals

from that would be for KK users as large as the purple KK..which is what I use for adults….

Also due to the size pegs  being larger or smaller in gauge I think if you would use the larger pegs and ewrap you would get a looser fit  for toddlers lets say on this round alone…

All worth trying out….

The flower was made on the little 4 corner loom… if its not to pretty its because I haven’t made many flowers and  still need practice to sew them together,,,,,,I will try and update as I learn to do things on my Martha Stewart looms..

On another front our Abby is starting kindergarden tuesday…She is so excited…Allison has finally cut 2 teeth poor baby she has not been a happy camper this week but ice cubes and  frozen teethers have been her favorite toys this week,.

She is also walking behind a push along  toy up till now she only walked as long as she could hold on to furniture….

228876_157466430999766_100002092303082_303417_3737342_n no picture of Abby in school clothes or anything she never held still long enough….Gotta love 5 year olds…….

Ok  gotta go  work some more… going to make  spaetzle tonite with Gulasch gravy……

Hugs to all… A wonderful weekend