Monday, August 15, 2011

Time Flies

Today brings back loads of memories to me…..It’s the day before

Abby’s first day of school..It reminds me of when my kids started even though

it was loads and loads of years ago…..

my son will be 31 this year and my daughter 29…Am I really that old already???

Naaaaaaa not really…

But it also makes me sad cause I remember when my first day of school was..

Germans make it a somewhat festive occasion the first day….

these are some that are out now…. these are filled with

goodies for the school child… pencils.,coloring books,erasers. and of course sweets….

you can get them for boys or girls buy them finished and loaded or make them yourself from a kit

and fill them yourself…..

Oh we all where so proud to be going to school with our Schultuete in hand…these where large….

Anyhow we mostly introduced ourselves to each other and to the teacher … Now also our school in germany starts with 6 and that’s first grade… Kindergarden is something you go to for several years before that.. it’s a combination of daycare and then as you get older your tought the abc, 123 etc……I know I had a pic of me with mine but for the life of me I can not find it….LOL

I hope Abby likes school and makes loads of friends…..

On the Martha Stewart loom front……

Here is my little Allison modeling her hat… she didn’t even take it off so she must have liked it……..2 teeth through…..Finally….

I did do a weaved block yesterday……not quite the way it was supposed to be… I will keep trying..Can’t get a pic right now Hubby is still sleeping and its in the bedroom closet.

I have to put yarny stuff away or my cats have a field day with it….

So see ya’s all later my friends……Hugs Birgit

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  1. Allison is adorable in that hat. I wouldn't take it off, either.