Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my  blog friends near and far a Happy Thanksgiving,.

I am thankful for

our continued recovery especially Mom’s

our kids thanks William and Katie for being you

our grandkids , all so lovely

Zoe, Kaleb,Daegon,Abby,Allison

Our Service men and women who serve and protect our Country may God Bless them and bring them home to their families real soon, and their families who  go without their loved ones

Thank you All for what you do.

Our Police Officers who keep us save and protect us here at home… Thank you Robert..

Our firefighters who go  out in all kinds of weather to rescue, fight fires and all the other stuff they do.. Thank you William

May God in his infinite wisdom guide us and show us his Love and Mercy

Love to all

Hugs from South Texas

Birgit thankscard1

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