Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wishing all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend

Well its been a few since I last posted. Had some minor and major storms go through

power failure  etc… When we had tornado warning the other nite we went

to my sons house since he has a basement. But I must say Thank Heaven it  was

not needed. The storm was no where near as bad as predicted.  Having lived through Hurricane

Ike a few years ago  this was just a major thunder storm… So all is good.

Have had a major sore throat this past week. Went to Doc finally on Thursday

no Strep  just an infection- Laryngitis.. Of course everyone  loved the fact that

I really couldn’t talk ( not that I talk to much)..Stayed away from the grankids though for

a few days.

Yesterday  I ended up calling Ems for my mom. she was  just having more problems breathing than usual. She is ok, no pneumonia  however white count is high so she is getting some

IV antibiotics…still in the hospital. My son  drove after the ambulance so I could

take care of my Blood sugars and eat before going in…. And then my daughter

came in and sat a spell with her so I could go home and relax and eat…. That’s been a blessing

for me. Usually I do it all alone so having someone help has been wonderful.

Less guilt on my part when I  need a time out or  need to take care of myself  for a change…

Wishing all a wonderful Weekend.. Stay Safe…. Don’t drink and drive….

Hugs Birgit remember_those_who_se_a_mb


  1. Glad you made it through the bad weather ok and I hope you and yours will get over the yukies pretty soon so that you can enjoy Memorial Day weekend...all the best und Auf Wiedersehen!

    Doris und Gizzy :-)

  2. I hope your mom is better, soon. You sound so much happier to be surrounded by family. Such a blessing...