Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Weekend Sunday

Well finally took some pics of the baby blanket I am working on..

100_1144 basket weave stich

crochet with

100_1146Bernat baby sports yarn and

J crochet hook…..

100_1145a bit blurry sorry about that but I have

loads of problems lately with shaky hands when trying to do certain things…

its variegated in blue, green and white…. lovely colors for a boy….

I am for some reason really slow with this. Not hard to do at all but just not

any mojo for it….

Wishing all a Happy Sunday……Hugs Birgit


  1. This is going to be lovely when it's done. I love the Basket weave stitch! Do you have a deadline to meet on this? I go through spells where I am just not into crocheting and then I don't, but other times, I'm unstoppable and crochet till after midnight!

    Happy Memorial Day tomorrow! Be safe!

  2. No Doris no real deadline to meet. the baby is due end of July so I have time. Its not even that I don't want to its just busy.. Grandgirls come over often and so I play with them instead and of course last week did not feel like it due to being sick...This is the first time I did the basketweave and I like it .....Hugs Birgit

  3. I hate it when I lose my mojo. The blanket is pretty. I have one...or two..I've lost it for, but I was just thinking earlier I need to get them back out and get to work on them.

    Cindy Bee