Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Pics and my story

Well as you have noticed I have been MIA again.. not really

just busy..

Went to my 7 year old grandsons baseball game the other nite…so cool

had forgotten how cute they are…..No picture hoping to get one of him in his uniform but here

he is

225646_10150589884320179_664925178_18555802_1897140_nthere is my little cutie pie..oops don’t tell him I called him

that,, he is to old to be called cutie pie ….

Then last friday nite I went with my  fellow  college friend to her daughters LPN graduation in Sellersburg… Oh my did that bring back memories…

Congratulations Cassie….. So proud of you …. and she is going on for RN she starts in June..

Oh and by the way she passed her Nursing boards…….YIPPEE>…

Then tonite or rather today was my Birthday,,,, yup  Mausie hit the big 52,,Oh My don’t feel that old

kids all where here tonite after work.. nothing fancy to eat  Pizza and Bertolli’s Ravioli , ice cream and chocolate cake

100_1136 Zoie, Danielle, and Allison on the couch… my mom in the recliner  my hubby in the chair and my daughter Katie’s back….


100_1134Danielle  with Kaleb at my pc…

100_1131Here I am with Allison….. Abby  was never still enough to take a pic of……

100_1129there’s my boy…. all grown up…..

100_1128this is the little house we live in….

100_1125 front door is there….

100_1127 at the end  a view into the fenced in back yard,,,,,,

anyhow   not been doing to much crafting

002side view of the bag I am trying to make


001this is the bottom. I am weaving it… but I think I should have wove the bottom first then  loom knit  up the sides like the small bag I made for Abby one time…. this is the one


see the bottom.. anyhow gonna finish it and see  what its like Abby love it already so  She will have another bag  when done….lol

Good nite all for  now… Some of you have had loads of fun in the crafting dept

Wish I could join in …. hugs Birgit……

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  1. I'm sure you would much rather be busy with family than with crafting, even though it'd be nice to have more time for both! I wish you could have joined us last weekend...maybe next year. Happy Belated Birthday. Hope it was good. I'm soon to be 53 and I don't feel that old either.

    Cindy Bee