Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cake and baby cocoon

So the cake is gone…lol

here is the last 2 pieces


and finished my baby cocoon in red heart cloud yarn in peach color with matching baby hat

100_1189 I had promised I would never buy this yarn again……well  no sooner had I posted it on facebook to show off

I had an order for 2…How cool is that… so guess who is going to the store to buy more………..

trying to make some potato soup for tonite with german smoked sausages

but Allison is not cooperating with me…..She wants to play and be held… right now Oma has her .I snuck in her to the pc after a bathroom break so I could post this…………LOL

hugs to all



  1. That Torte didn't last long - I'm sure it was delicious!

    Congratulations on getting two orders for the baby cocoon... I've not sold anything for eons...I think I'll give up my Etsy shop and just crochet for family and friends. That'll keep me busy enough since I'd rather be outside anyway. Soon it will be cool and then Gizzy and I will spend most of our day outside ;-)

  2. Yes Congrats on the orders. Personally I very much like how the cocoon came out. The kind of yarn you used is always a little harder to work with, but it looks so warm and cuddly. Any Baby would love that. Nice Job there Mausie.

    By the way, was very envious over the cake, as that is one of my personal favorites. It looked pretty yummy on that picture.

    Well have a nice evening and am looking forward to seeing your other cocoons soon.

  3. It's really cute! What loom did you do it on?