Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Sunday to all

Well my friends its been an interesting week here at Mausie’s house..

Hubby sick with the fly mom sick with the flu wait wait  the fly you say??yes  my dears…and mom decided to go one step further and wake me up at 6 am yesterday morning  with I can’t breathe,,,,,,Oh my with heart  problems and COPD  ambulance was called… well  her flu turned into pneumonia. She was at doc’s wednesday but apparently  the atb’s she got prescribed weren’t cutting it so by saturday her white count up to 21000 and  all labs just totally off. so  Mom is in the hospital on Iv antibiotics, steroid shots, lovenox injections,blood sugar checks ( no she doesn’t have diabetes but steroids can make your blood sugars go high) her O2 sats finally came up from yesterday morning where she was constantly below 80 ( they even put her on a non rebreather mask) but since this morning she is on nasal cannula. but still loads of crackles and rales in both lungs so  in she will stay a few days/…

On my front so far  knocking on wood I am well……

did have doc appointment wednesday with cardio,.he put me on a newer med called Ranexa  that is supposed to help with small vessel  circulation etc etc.. Lets see if it helps I sure hope so…..I am working on a baby cocoon on my Martha Stewart loom. I am doing it in the oval… long oval since I am making it as a trial for a 9 month old…I still like the Martha Looms…. I really really love the fact you can change the gauge on them  by just using  her different pegs colors…. I like the light blue pegs the most it  makes such a lovely  tight knit stitch… but for the cocoon I am using the large pink pegs with a hole skipped so its larger gauge especially since I am using the red heart cloud yarn. with its fuzzy ness   and tending to  just get caught in the hook and stuff I thought it would be better to go the larger way…

Anyhow all my east coast friends please continue to stay safe

hugs to all Birgit


  1. Well I sure hope your Mom gets better soon. It seems like there is a lot of flu going around all of a sudden, and it's not even winter yet. {sigh} pneumonia is scary.

    Cool that you got two orders for your baby cocoon. Enjoy looming!

    Cindy Bee

  2. sure hope she gets better. Sounds like the tyical COPD/pneumonia problems and sounds like she is through the worst.
    Why doesnt Marth make looms that are just different size pegs?
    Of course Martha would want us to to the most difficult....

  3. You've been one busy lady - hope your mom will feel better real soon and you get some rest if you can...well, right after your husband gets better! I remember from when I was married that it's next to impossible to get any rest with a sick husband...they're not as hardy as women (have to be!)....oooops, don't tell him I said that ;-)

    Love you!

  4. I hope your Mom gets better, soon.

    Exactly what is the fly?

  5. LOL at Rudee...typo it was supposed to be flu....Hugs Birgit