Sunday, August 21, 2011

yummy Birthday cake

Well first time ever I tried my hand at making a

Schwarzwaelder Kirsch torte

translated…..Black forrest cake…

this is before

100_1183 it has 1  light color  cake

then 2 layers of chocoloate  cake

this is the assembly…..

light bottom

brush with Kirschwasser’ couldn’t find any so I used rum

then whip cream

then  cherry pie filling cooked  some more to thicken it more

then chocolate layer  same thing  brush with kirschwasser

then whip cream  then cherries

then chocolate layer and  whip cream all around….

set it in the fridge to cool

then go over the  cream  with a  knife to kind of straighten it

then  little dollops of star shaped  whip cream and each one get a marachino cherry……………YUMMY

and this is real heavy whipping cream I creamed with my own little hands…..LOL naa used my kitchen machine…….


and after  its decorated….

Think Katie will like it?Honestly she don’t care what it looks like she wants the taste……….

hugs Birgit


  1. Wow, that just looks absolutely wonderful and delicious. Katie is one lucky girl to get a birthday cake like that.

    Well wish Katie a "Happy Birthday". Hope you all have a nice celebration and enjoy the day.

    Now don't forget to pass a slice around to share, lol.