Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does anyone Coupon and such???

Tonite a  little  question??

Does anyone  out there use  Coupons.. I have decided with the price

of food and stuff to  get into coupons. Now I am not talking  like Extreme Couponing

even though would love to buy $500 worth of stuff and only pay  $50 …LOL

I am not a hoarder I want to  try and get the items we use  daily cheaper.

That’s all..I am not one to  buy stuff just because its cheap cause to me if me and the

family doesn’t use it why buy it???

So tell me does anyone coupon?

if so what's your  way of doing it.

Are you organized and how?

Is there anything you can advise me to do  ( like  getting a sunday paper)or not to do ( like buying a 100 sunday papers..LOL)??

Come my bloggette friends please  help me out…I would love to hear your  suggestions

Hugs for now




New pic of Allison and Abby……


PS: wasn’t the weather beautiful today???/


  1. The weather was gorgeous today! And yesterday! 'Bout time huh? I think the last time it was this beautiful was September...last year! I will clip a coupon if it's something I specifically use. I mostly go to Kroger because it's very close, and they send me coupons for things (Kroger brand) that I use on a regular basis. You have to use their card to get those coupons. They come in the mail. I've heard you can get a bunch on the internet, but I don't do that because my printer is hooked up to my dial-up computer.

    Cindy Bee

  2. Yes...when i see a coupon for something i like ....I clip it and it sits on the counter till it expires... :(

  3. We watch sales and stock up when there's a deal... coupons occasionally... I would love for my husband to do that extreme couponing...

  4. @ Bee oh I just loved the weather the last couple days.. windows and doors open, not to hot.. thoroughly enjoyed it..
    @ RJ..LOL yes that used to be my couponing but I am really hoping to do better...
    @ Scribe....I wish my husband would too but oh well I think I am stuck with cutting coupons..extreme couponing is great if you share the wealth.. Love krogers but alas my kroger card which i have had years apparently was never registered in texas so it wont let me add it to my kroger account.. ...
    Hugs Birgit