Saturday, February 12, 2011

Its getting down to the wire…..LOL

Ok so I am still packing, Penske truck  is rented to be picked up on the 26th

Then loading loading loading.

Leaving out no later than the 1st. Hope the roads will be ok at that time

and no snow or ice on them.. Yes  for this move I want no SNOW or ICE..So  send a little

prayer out that this wont happen.

Then  unload …OMG  I wish the next month would be over.. Thank Heavens the first

week or so I should have help from my daughter and son. She is still off after surgery

and he works  weekends only..

Other than that busy running around doctor appointments for mom so she gets all new

scripts then medical records for me have to be picked up next wednesday

other than that I am excited…….my craft stuff is packed except  the Abby afghan and a scarf I started and the cotton yarn for pot holders… Ereader is also  filled with books to read. Have I told you I LOVE my Kindle…  Mom liked it so much  my brother got her one for her birthday…

Hers is also loaded up.. There are tons of places you can download free ebooks even amazon.

anyhow……. Hope you all are doing well

hugs from South Texas…16 days and counting down,,,Birgit


  1. Did you find a house??? is exciting isnt it? A new place, family...a new start to just new things...The snow is starting to melt and we saw Robins last week here in Hoosierland so Spring is a coming

  2. Yes we did find a house, The original one we wanted but had hard time getting hold of the owner. but its settled. my son is going to take care of the particulars for us so we can unload in our new home once we get there. Cool love Robins..It is so exciting Queen you have no clue, Not even complaining over all the boxes sitting around everywhere....Hugs Birgit

  3. It's really happening Birgit! You're moving! And just in time, it's starting to warm up a bit here. I'm glad the house worked out for you and your son will have everything ready. What a blessing. Drive safe and Happy Valentines Day!

    Cindy Bee

  4. I am so excited for you Birgit. I did a huge move too where I am now, over 16 years ago. I packed up my daugther, cats, my own house as well as my Mom's at the time and we all moved in together. So I had double the packing and unpacking at the time. It was the right thing to do back then and I've not regretted it. Soon you can look back on it all too.