Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday and sunshine

Well we have  come through our winter storm without issues…lol  seems like their 3-5 inches turned into this at my house.


Yes  just a little ice and it kept Houston shut down for Friday.. schools closed. doctors offices etc etc… We only had the rolling blackouts Wednesday but  kept having power failures…

I have been keeping up on my  blog reads but have felt a little depressed….

Still no house to rent in Indiana.. getting antsy about it…..

So a bit down and out about it all… But as my husband says it will happen just be patient..I am trying Honey………….

Get well wishes to all my blog friends that are  ill or not feeling well.

Its sunny today  another box packed.. No cooking tonight.. leftovers had  baked chicken and chicken and dumplings last nite with  brussel sprouts in a cream sauce and have left overs so leftovers it is ….back to a load of laundry and maybe another box  ..

Hugs to all from South Texas……..Birgit


  1. We're having a heat wave here in NY ... 44 degrees. If only this would stay. Sending prayers for a house for you ... very soon I think. Take good care.

  2. Oh I hope something turns up for you. We used a rental service that managed a lot of individual homes. Perhaps you can find a service like that. I don't think it cost us any more than it would have cost to rent directly from the owner. In addition, when there were property issues, we didn't have to deal with the landlord, we called the rental company.

    Good luck!