Thursday, February 3, 2011

How this german ended up an american

Ok I have had questions  on why or how I ended up in the states. so here goes

I was born to a single mom  who in the early 60’s when I was still knee high to a grasshopper

met an American soldier. They fell in love got married etc etc

In 1969 they received word that my stepdads grandfather who practically raised him was

very ill and was not thought to make it.. They  got ready to move to the USA…

Now I was 10 at the time and loved my Oma  and wanted to live with her. Mom thought at the time

that I was old enough to express my wants so they moved to the states outside of Auburn NY

and I stayed in Germany with my Oma. In 1979  we visited then we started the process for both my Oma and me to immigrate… we did in November of 1971. Due to the fact that I had  learned English in school I was able to integrate into the 7th grade  which was my grade at the time and was able to just pick up and go on….My Oma was homesick for Germany and she went back in 1973 but I stayed.. In 1975    We where stationed back in Germany and 1978 we got sent back to the states. I at the time could have stayed in Germany since I was 18 but really felt out of place there so I came back too.

Long story  short I was more american in a lot of things than I was german so that was the right decision for me at the time.

It still is.. I made my citizen a long time ago. I no longer miss germany per say but do miss german things.. Certain foods like ferman bread and rolls. going to a bakery to buy bread fresh out of the oven or going to a butcher shop to buy my cold meat or a cheese store for cheese.. Tons of varieties there compared to here. That’s why I  bake my own bread when I am up to it since its so much better.I miss window shopping the way it is in germany with little café’s  with tables and chairs outside to sit have a cup of java and people watch.So that’s my story and sticking to it.

on the moving front its harder than I though to find a place for us in small town  Scottsburg, The house I had hoped would work did not pan out.

But I am still packing away cause things haven’t changed we will find something and move.

No rolling blackouts today but lets see when this snow and ice hits whats its gonna be like then. Told hubby since he is working to stop on the way home and get milk and bread and animal food cause I wasn’t driving with all these southerners  in ice and snow…lol they are bad just in rain….

so for now  have a wonderful weekend everyone….Gotta catch up on things since  yesterday I couldn’t do a lot….

Hugs from South Texas which is expecting snow and ice.



  1. hmmmm...interesting story. I admire how close you were with your Oma ....

  2. Very good reading about you Mausie. It is amazing when we look back at your own life the twists and turns that take place.

    Yes, stay inside when the roads are bad! Take care!

  3. You have an interesting tale of becoming an American. So glad you did!