Wednesday, February 2, 2011

rolling blackouts

oh my we have had rolling blackouts all day today. 4 since 7 am. supposed to only be blacked out once a day but 4 times?? oh dont get me started.... hoping all my friends out there are surviving all this winter weather... supposed to have them tomorrow and friday yoo.. take care and hugs Birgit

ps oh yea supposed to get snow starting tomorrow. I'll believe it when i see it


  1. Hope you get out of the dark! Stay warm.

  2. Rolling blackouts? Doesn't sound fun.
    Humidity - I miss it (kidding!)
    I'm thinking I wouldn't like a kindle. I buy most of my novels at garage sales, then give them away afterwards. So if I bought a book at a garage sale, how would I download it to my kindle?
    Just wondering what brought you to the United States?

    Cindy Bee

  3. We've been hit with piles of snow but the worst is over and luckily we had no power outages this time. Take care.