Sunday, January 23, 2011

Introducing Barney and Bruiser

A while back I introduced my  cats now its time to introduce

my  2 dogs

meet Barney


He is a rat terrier –jack russel mix but his temperament is all rat

We got him from  the SPCA  in 2006 when our airedale terrier

Scooter died.. He was approx 1 year old at the time. I picked him out

and we introduced him to our yorkie that we had at the time

they got along great right away.. never any issues really.. Buddy the

yorkie was mine and barney took to my husband like bees to honey.

He is still  that way. My Buddy died in 2008 and we never got another dog

until last year in October.. hubby took Barney to the park to walk with him

and look who followed him home


that’s Bruiser… a mix but unsure what he is.. He is also hubby’s dog but he does

love smooching with me too….

92abfc753203__1295448902000this is both of them after

deciding to wrestle on my couch and now pretending to be asleeo cause I am

giving them whatfor……….lol I use regular bedsheets  on the couch when its raining out

so if they are a little damp or muddy  its easier to clean….the afghan should be folded

laying there.,.. all cushions are off the back and the pillow on the side is somewhere on the floor

oh and if you look close there is one of my husbands socks laying right in front of the couch on the floor. Bruiser loves carrying around socks and shoes but thank heaven he does not chew on them… only  Barneys harness and his own……lol

On the moving front 3 boxes of books are packed ……YEAH…..

Have a wonderful start of the week…..Hugs from South Texas  ,,,Birgit


  1. Cute kids. Hope you get alot of packing done this week . Did you find a house?

  2. No queen not yet,, the one my son was supposed to look at between the snow they had and the guy getting sick will be tuesday before he can now.. but its still available so thats a good thing.
    hugs Birgit

  3. Hey Birgit - When do you plan on moving? I don't think I ever heard a date.

    Your dogs are cute. I think our smaller stray we took in is part Jack Russell, and he is always taking someones sock or glove. He's either sleeping or going 100 miles an hour.

    Cindy Bee

  4. @ Cindy,, March is the plan.. no exact date yet though...Hugs Birgit

  5. Hello Birgit - your babies are sweet - typical kids! I'm glad they get along nicely.

    When are you moving? I hate moving - it's so much work, but I may have to move further north because this heat and humidity is killing me...slowly and miserably...good luck with your move!

  6. Not that I am stalking you or anything...but where have you been? I know your busy moving, but I just wanted you to post some pics of your new place....I am so bored around this damn village, that anyone having something exciting to them is a glimmer of excitement.

  7. Queen its ok you can cyber stalk me.. makes me feel a little wanted and needed,,,,,,,I just posted an update so hopefully you will smile a little at our antics..Hugs Birgit