Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some things you may not know about me

1. I am german full blooded…

2. I immigrated in 1971 when I was 12 ( now you know my

3. I have lived in Auburn (NY), Clarksville (TN),Flaherty (KY)

     Oak Grove (KY),Scottsburg (IN), Houston (TX) and Magnolia (TX)

4. My dream vacations are  Alaska, Sweden,Norway,Finland

5. I have been married twice ( don’t ask about the first time

6. My 2nd husband and I met over the internet and fell in love

7. I imported him.. quite legal….

8. I am a diabetic of over 20 years and wear an insulin pump

9. I am also a heart patient bypass x 2

10. I hated crafts when I was young, never finished anything except a purse

       in purple and gold color  tunisian crochet

11. I come from a long line of crafters…..

12. My mother can still just look at a picture and do the pattern

13. I have taken to loom knitting and crocheting since I have become disabled

14. I am in the process of moving to Indiana where my kids and grand kids live

15. I love life more now than  when I was 20

hugs from South Texas…Birgit


  1. When I lived in Germany...One of my best friends was a full blooded German, who was married to a U.S. service man. She lived across the hall from me and taught me lots about the German way of life....In return, I taught her not all Americans are slobs. (lots are ,but not
    Her name was Marianne and she was bold, unafraid, rough around the edges, but could be very sweet. She was a lot of fun,but at times could be very private and pull back a tad......I do miss her.
    I hope you have loads of memories with your family in Indiana....

  2. An interesting meme.

    I love the look of Tunisian crochet. I have a couple of big hooks, but never really sat down to practice. Maybe soon though, since you've reminded me to try again.

  3. I know more about you now than I have learned in the past 2-3 years at Mels. :-) Now that I am a grandmother, I feel like it's time to pick up my crochet needle again. Or maybe even learn to knit! I need to do something constructive with my time. One can only play FV so much, ya know? lol Thank you for the inspiration! Hugs! Malisa

  4. @ Queen..I have loads of old memories and looking to make more..I didn't know you have been in germany.. cool where where you ?
    @ Rudee.. ye sI loved tunisian crochet at that time.. haven't tried it since I have been crocheting now..
    @ Malisa.... Lol we have know each other for a while but sometimes we don't know as much as we figured. There is always a surprise somewhere popping out.. I miss chatting with you friend.
    Hugs Birgit

  5. I lived in Hanau Germany. Hated it at first and liked it in the end....then back here to live in Colorado for 3 years...... and then to this God Forsaken place.......prob. forever!!!!!

  6. I'm with you on #4,5,and 15. My grandfather's family was from Austria/Germany and my grandmother from Hungary. My mom's family was of Scottish, Irish, French ancestry. Nice to read about you.

  7. Hello Birgit,

    Thank you for stopping over at my place, Simple,Vintage, & Crochet this morning. It is my pleasure to meet you. Please stop back anytime..and do if you get a chance participate in my Monday's MEME, "What do you Enjoy" were talking about the simply wonderful things which give us abundance in our lives...Have a blessed day.. Faith