Saturday, October 9, 2010

Of course all this time I have been busy

With all these hospital visits and spending time there with mom while she was sleeping I did  loads of loom knitting


a red hat


a smaller blue variegated hat

both with curled up edges I kind of like these.

oh and still have to  take a ic of the  scarf I am making that will be  Abby’s blanket I did work on it too.  Will try and remember  and post it tomorrow…..

ok that’s it for me today

hugs to all



  1. With all that's going on your life at the moment, you've got time to!

  2. its my sanity keeper..thanks for all the well wishes for mom...she is feeling much better now

  3. It sounds like a nice way to keep you mind off things and what great creations you've made. I hope your Mum is feeling bettter.:)