Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a pleasant surprise Tuesday.

So after all that happened monday with mom I did not check the mail  that day so imagine my surprise when I checked it tuesday  and found this lovely in the mail .



here another  pic


the lovely Mandala came in the mail. This will stay on my table for now because I do love the colors so and it makes it so cheerful in the kitchen. Thank you again Pammy Sue and I do apologize for not posting any pictures earlier.

Es hat einen Ehrenplatz.. German for  it has a special place right here.

Hugs and a wonderful weekend to all my friends



  1. Oh that Pammy Sue is a special gal and I hope you know we are all thinking about you with your Mom in the hospital.

  2. oh arent you lucky to have a mandala arrive in the post!
    Hope you mum is doing well XXX