Saturday, October 9, 2010

So it’s been a wild and crazy week..

it really has been so let me start at the beginning and please forgive me if I tell you personal stuff.

It started Monday morning with mom calling me shortly after 5 am telling me she is having chest pain and is calling an ambulance.I got to her apartment ( she lives only like 8 minutes from me) in time to have her loaded into an ambulance  and taken to the hospital 2 minutes from where she lives. I swear it took longer for them to load her than it took to  drive there.LOL

Well Er of course did all kinds of tests  and said nothing showing right now but they will keep checking  cardiac enzymes and admit her for 23 hour Observation. Ouch,, pretty much all day back and forth to the hospital for me.

Tuesday  cardiologist came in and said yes she did have a heart attack and yes she needs heart catherization. So tuesday late afternoon  they do a heart cahterization and place 2 stents in a 95% blockage.  I left after  she got out of the cath lab just before they took her  to her room. Wednesday morning I  get there and her right arm which they used as access  is all swollen and almost black

a ultrasound Thursday showed  a small aneurism in her anticubital ( the bend of the elbow) where blood is seeping into the tissue of her arm. OUCH big time. Poor mom I have never seen her in so much pain.  So yesterday all day at the hospital  because they scheduled her for surgery  but weren’t sure what time it would be. I got home last nite at 8 pm. Man am I sore I am telling you. Hospital chairs are not conducive to comfortable sitting. But I have spoken to her this morning already and she sounds like my old mom now, Thank Heaven. No more morphine for pain since yesterday before the surgery.

she is doing well she said the pain is minimal compared to what it was and hopefully she gets to come home  in the next 2 days or so.

so that’s how my week started out……

will post  my other news in a few

hugs Birgit

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  1. I hope your mum continues to heal. Many good thoughts being sent your way.