Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bet you thought I had given up already....

Nope I haven't just been busy. busy, busy.... Trying to get everything done before I head to the hospital on tuesday .... hope it will be only over nite...
Anyhow this is what I have been up too....

I have tried my first pair of socks I am tickled to be honest.. So far I had only
made some baby booties and I didn't really like them
had some scrap yarn laying around and here you go
as you can see loads of weaving in to do but
the colors fit for fall even though here in Texas we don't really have a Fall or Autumn as
there is up north.
If you notice on the first picture you will see a small vase
its filled with artificial flowers..
Reason being

My Sissi
our Alpha cat... She loves all things plants... and eats them all too
since some are poisonous to cats we decided to
go the safe route..
Cat nip is dead gotta buy some
So now that you have seen some of what I have been up too
I will end today with a Wish for a wonderful week coming up.
I wont be back posting till Friday .
Happy Looming and crafting
Hugs Birgit

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  1. I love the Blog & the socks I have been wanting to make me some, do you have a Pattern for them.