Saturday, December 4, 2010

Isn’t she cute?

My lovely daughter emailed me a pic of our baby Allison this morning all bundled up..


Isn’t she just the cutest??? looks just like her Daddy here…..

and of course as I know from Cindy

indiana at least parts of it has snow.. and Katie just had to send me a pic of her snow…

1204101132 Wish I was there… who knows what will happen in our future,….More on that later….

for now Hugs from South Texas….Birgit


  1. Yes, she's adorable. She looks like she lives where she would need wool. I'd call that the perfect baby for a knitter.

  2. Such a sweetheart all bundled up!

  3. What a sweet baby. My daughter was born in New Mexico and it snowed there too - I always bundled her up like a bunting! I love and miss the snow! Send some over here, please ;-)