Thursday, April 14, 2011

I think I have arrived…lol

AS most of you know I  moved last month to Indiana…YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Of course before the move loads of packing to do and after  we arrived loads

of unpacking.. Go figure.. wish I was a jeannie and could  twitch my nose …

Anyhow kind of settled now.. Of course even though my camera was packed in its

case  with all  its  extra’s got here unpacked and can’t find the memory card

or the USB …JEEZ.. hubby says he knows where its at.. told him divorce time if

it doesn’t sit on my pc desk shortly.. Can’t even take pics of the kids let alone

anything else..

Kids ……..oh I love it… kids and grands  seeing them every week.. Katies girls I watch tuesdays

and wednesday… well me and mom….they are  mostly good kids except when sleepy

as in Abby’s case or when teething as in Allisons case.. can’t believe that she is 5 months old

already.. I promise  pics will come/…

I did save my yarn bits  in a jar and  its all outside  for the birds to  make nests with…

Mom did some crocheting too so I saved her bits  with mine..

Of course Katie’s wedding preps are in full swing… the 22nd is  W-day.

Had the girls yesterday and laid down on the couch about 8 to watch  TV and woke up

at 12:30 am……..yup…. got a drink went to B-room and off to bed to sleep till 7:30 am..

Guess I was pooped… Feel good today… ready to  do laundry and what nots…

Still not doing to much crafting hope I get a bit more time after the wedding…

It is great being back. I feel like I never left to be honest.. windows open. nice breeze… no humidity… a real spring…( not like texas where A/C would be running already)

Love it……

so for now  sending hugs to all……………from Indiana….. Birgit

images courthouse on the square….


  1. Glad to hear you're getting settled into the new home. It must be wonderful to spend so much time with your grandchildren!

  2. Glad you got there ok and it sounds like you have a very busy life! Enjoy your family!

    bis bald,

  3. I am glad your back and feel home. I do enjoy Spring in Indiana....the animals and bird are all twitified

  4. Welcome back. Glad that you arrived there safe and sound and are getting settled in.

  5. YEEEAAAA! You're back and it sounds like you're living the life you are meant to live. You just Sound happier!

    Cindy Bee