Sunday, December 16, 2012

This is the hardest Post I think I will ever write

As usual been MIA loads of reasons to say the least the most important one is that my best friend, husband , lover has died….He died on November 29th

of cardiac arrest but labs  which where drawn and triple checked showed he had acute Leukemia… So I have been trying for my kids and grandkids to go on,,Its hard and anyone that has lost their soulmate knows this….

I am grateful for the outpouring of love I have received from friends I had but really didn’t know and also strangers that read about my loss through friends..

I will leave this Blog open since someone very wise told me not to make any drastic changes for a while… But you wont see me write  here for a while at least…anyone wants to add me on facebook I am there ..

.Hugs to all…. May your Christmas be Bright…..

Love Birgit



Dietmar I miss your smile your warmth your endless love and care for me…

Always in my heart



  1. Oh, Birgit, I'm so sorry for your loss. Hugs.

  2. so sorry :'( my condoleances....

  3. Oh Birgit. I am so sorry to hear about this. I think about when I first 'met' you and you were in Texas I think....and then moved back "home." God knew you needed to be home with family. But I know it will not take away your lonliness and sadness. You will need time. I am thinking of you and sooo sorry for your loss.

    Cindy Bee