Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Morning January 17th…………….

Well  its really offical now…….. All plans are in the works to move back to indiana

hopefully  in march………yes I said march.,,, I can not wait… happy  finally back near

the kiddos and grand kiddos…….I think even my mom is happy to be moving near her great grand kids… especially the newest one

allison and triggerthat is Allison  last week with her watch dog Trigger..

he seems to have taken to my littlest grand daughter and my daughter. Robert can’t even give Katie a foot rub without Trigger growling at him…lol and where ever little Allison is that’s where Trigger

seems to hang out…. They got this dog not  all to long ago………. he is supposed to be

2 years old the old owners  all where working and no one there to  play with him.. He seemed lonely so they decided to let Katie have him… friends of hers..

I have finished 2 hats… and forgot to take pics before I sent them off to my friend..Go figure  that sometimers really gets me sometimes……Surprised smile So  still have to finish packing moms curio cabinet with all her wine glasses  she has collected over the years…but  other than that  all her stuff is packed, It will all go into our storage  packed and ready for the indiana move..

Did I tell you I am excited??? Winking smile I really am..So much to do and so little time to do it….

My son has been looking for a rental house for us..cross our fingers sounds like he has found one… maybe.. He needs to look at it this week and send me pics  and  sizes of rooms..

Off to read a few mails now………..will try and keep you all posted….

Hugs from South Texas,,,,,Birgit

Quote of the day:
Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much. - Oscar Wilde


  1. I take it congratulations are in order. I'm sorry about the moving, which having done it twice in two years, I know is a monumental task, but it'll be worthwhile to be near family.

  2. Es freut mich für dich Birgit, dass du wieder in die Nähe deiner Kinder ziehst. Hoffentlich klappt es mit dem Haus. Da hast du ja noch einiges zu tun bis März. Ganz liebe Grüße Renate

  3. I just got wifi back a couple of days ago and I'm getting caught up - trying to. I just looked up Scottsburg on mapquest and there are three of them! Who knew? So I'm guessing it's the one close to the Lexington area. Good for you. The weather will be worse, especially this time of year, but there's nothing like being close to family. Congratulations.


  4. Hi Cindy ,, yes its near Lexington indiana right off I-65.. I can not wait.. my son is doing the looking at houses for running him ragged... later.........Enjoy catching up

  5. I am hoping you find something you really want Family is so darn important and you will be so close by. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!