Tuesday, January 18, 2011

just a little mindless crocheting

I decided I didn’t want to count or watch or do anything fancy

just some mindless crocheting so this is what I made..c0e55ecda3f4__1295408052000

0e0c41fc0444__1295408104000 since swiffer pads are really expensive

at least I think so and for a quick mop through that’s what I use I decided to start making

some for myself.. I bought some bernat cotton the 12 oz skein at Jo-anns a while back on sale

for $ 4.99 just a variegated cotton yarn and that’s what I used……single crochet

sewed the sides together.. they slip on and off real well… I am going to make a couple more

the next ones a bit skinnier… simple, easy washable in hot water..


FYI I used a N hook on this project.. single crochet every row with only hooking into the back loop , creates a bit of a wave which I like. Also I did 62 rows . Not good at explaining how I do things but this gives you an idea...

on the moving front my poor son is doing his thing for us calling, and looking at rentals…

Hugs from South Texas…….( still) Birgit


  1. hmmmm...quite clever Mausie.....quite clever ....indeed

  2. Great idea. Good luck on your move, how wonderful to be near your grandkiddies.

  3. Hey Birgit - I did see a pattern for these somewhere. And just last night I was thinking about making some covers for those dish washer thingys that you use to hand wash your dishes. Know what I'm talking about? I'm tired of spending 2.50 for them and throw them away in a week or so. I'm gonna do it!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Hi Queen....not my idea someone else came up with them but I thought the idea behind them was great and since its cotton... loves my floor......lol.
    @ Glor...yes I can't wait to be near my grand children....bake cookies . play with them etc..
    @ Cindy Bee,.,, yes I know the ones you mean can't think of their name..I wish I had bought a couple more of those cotton skeins for that price..lol. Pattern I actually seen was made with a loom but since I used the cotton I thought crocheting was better.,.
    Hugs from South Texas..Birgit