Friday, January 21, 2011

Well I guess I had better explain my vent from the other day

Ok as some of you may know or not I am a nurse.. but disabled since november 2008. To explain a bit more in depth in jan 2006 I had some issues with my legs.. I have been a diabetic for oh lets say I was diagnosed on Feb 13th 1986. So a long time and yes I remember that date very well. Anyhow back to legs,, problems with them so my endo ( endocrinologist) wanted to send me to a doc.. I said I know who I am going to my moms cardiologist. So went to  him and as a given he does an EKG every time you walk into his office. Well his Nurse ( and yes she is one) did an EKG   then left. sat and waited and he walks in and says we have a problem. I am like but we haven’t discussed why I am here yet. He stated we will get to that in a minute but your EKG is abnormal. Ouch… so after the routine  everything including heart cath.. ended up march 2006 with a bypass.. he wanted to have 2 done  since I had 2 blockages that needed fixing but surgeon said the right coronary built its own bypass had good collateral flow to it so he only did one. After 8 weeks I was back to work… yes  you read right 8 weeks later. I was still tired but felt great. The legs by the way where neuropathy….and since then its been every year. a cath… in 2007 ended up  showing no problems but the angioseal they used  was either faulty or broke who knows and caused a 100% blockage in my right femoral.. surgery  to fix it and patch the artery. no longer can it be used for heart caths.. 2008 a stent with good results.. Nov 2008 sunday evening.. chest pain.. nitro  did not work so ambulance called and in the hospital I went. they took me to a diff hospital since they said mine was on drive by..( which I found out later was bulls**t)anyhow  cardio there  did speak with my doc… did heart cath ..placed stent….but while being on the table with loads of lovely  I don’t care drugs in my system he went in my right femoral  instead of the left even though he was aware of the blockage and patch in the right. Those of you that are nurses  know what I am saying.. anyhow went home thursday  to my cardio on monday with a goose egg on my right leg… right in the groin….dx of pseudo aneurysm. direct admit from xray dept with surgery the next day. then the following week admitted due to major breathing issues.. after months of testing etc etc  my breathing issues are vocal cord an bronchial spasms  caused from the surgery to fix the  leg which I shouldn’t have had to have  if a doctor would have listend.june 2009 double bypass…. since then I have had 2 more stents and am  pretty much not able to do things… major depression hit realizing I was 50 ( at the time) and wouldn’t be able to work anymore.. that’s when I started  loom knitting and then crocheting. It makes me feel a little useful . any household chore is  major for me.  if I cook, a meal its started in the morning since I constantly  have to take breaks.. but that’s neither here nor there I have adapted used to it. etc… so since 09 I am now on social security  and also get  longterm disability from my former employer,.. well my cardio and pulmo docs are the same but changed my pcp and endo  to ones closer… ouch  medical notes are non existing in my chart,… all is within normal limits for them.. then office was supposed to fax  medical to my longterm and stated  never received the fax request.. Now  having worked as insurance nurse myself  before this happened I know faxed can get lost but  after several calls from my case manager and  several faxes sent  and still not there… seems like someone doesn’t know what they are doing. then they told my insurance cm that they received a call from someone telling them  that they didn’t need to fill it out  and so tore it up and threw it away?? what other lies are you gonna dish out  ??? that’s why I was hot…. and vented… suffice it to say I will change docs again   but that’s a given since we are  moving to indiana..

on that front  William was supposed to  look at a house for us yesterday but since it snowed heavily I gather it will be done today I hope/ On our front we have 60 moving boxes in the kitchen right now  waiting to be packed…………..did I tell you I hate moving????? packing and all it entails…. but this is a good move… load sof purging will be done…. lightening the load.. starting brand new…. near kids and grand kids……..

ok  more coffee ,,, chitchat with hubby about his plans for the day……..

then mom will get up…………Hugs from a bit chilly South Texas ( 28*) Birgit


  1. Birgit honey you best be calming down before you have a heart attack. Deep cleansing breaths......

    Cindy Bee

  2. Lol Cindy trust me I took many cleansing breaths.. I am ok now... approved through end of april which means I can move in peace .........Hugs to you my friend....Birgit

  3. This is why the electronic medical record is so crucial. Sadly, it's treated like a game, but don't you think every doctor you see should be able to see your COMPLETE medical history at the click of a mouse?

  4. @ Rudee ,,, yes.,OMG yes I believe it would make things so much easier if all was electronic. and the funny thing is those 2 new docs are electronic. anyhow yes for that reason I will be paying my pulmo and cardio's office cash to copy my whole paper record so I can hand carry it with me when I move.....Hugs Birgit

  5. Birgit, Sounds like things went to Hell in a handbasket....for sure.
    I am a nurse too (14 years) worked on a cardiac floor for a long time, and have seen it before.
    Now...about you moving to Indiana. Where in Indiana??? That is where my Palace is...dont you know...I hope near our Kingdom...
    What about the cold? 18 degrees today

  6. Birgit,
    So sorry about all your recent hassles. On top of it you are preparing to move. It reminds me of years ago when I was moving after splitting up with my husband and had to move my Mom and my daughter and myself all by myself! I can totally relate with all of the mayhem you are going through. Best thing is to try to just get through it step by step looking ahead to the goal....your new place. I hope you can keep your health in check. Don't overdo things if possible and try not to get upset. Take care.