Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have a question

Have any of you tried leaving comments and for some reason couldn't? My friend and fellow Blogger Doris of http://crochetingingeorgia.blogspot.com/ has tried 2 times and neither time was able to leave a comment.. I have turned off word verification to see if that helps....
If you tried and couldn;t I am sorry.. love to hear from you all...
Hugs from a now chilly 32* at 9;30 pm Texas....Birgit


  1. Ok, here I go again! I hope it works....holding my breath....hitting word verification and ... ta-taaaaahhhhh - we're in business !!!!

    Thanks, Mausie, for fixing this glitch! You are the best :-)

  2. Ok, Mausie, here I go....leaving another comment and (I'm holding my breath) here I go.....ta-ta!!! It's working!

    That's great! Thanks for fixing this :-) Have a wonderful day!