Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introducing Sissi, Mikki,Lippy, and Fotzke

Some of you my dear friends in blog land I know have   animals. or rather

4 legged members of your family..

I thought today I would introduce you to 4 of mine….

100_0737resmeet my alpha cat Sissi…

she is mom and  hander out of paws when she deems necessary…..

looks innocent enough doesn’t she…….take my word…  She can be a meany

however she is the one that has taken to my mom like… bees to flowers..

mom calls sissi comes…. its amazing…

100_0741res this is our Mikki… one of the gentlest male cats

I have ever met…… except when it comes to fighting his youngest daughter who  is here.

100_0740 the one on the right with the white upper lip thing going on is lippy and if she where to be a child that’s the one that would have the lip…. into everything,..,, if something is on the counter she throws it off to feed the dogs… they love her… trust me… the one  that’s looking straight at the camera is Fotzke… little white  fluff on her chin 

and less white on her over all as lippy has,,,, well this is the one that mikki  fights with,.,, who knows why they don’t get along …. on a good day they ignore each other. a bad one  fur flies.. but we love them,,,,,fotzke is my baby even though she deems it ok to visit grandma and smooch if mom has no time and is cooking for instance…lol  but strange cat she is… hates it when my husband wears his hat… or his work clothes even when they are clean…lol

so you have met  our small 4 legged children,,,,, our 2 dogs are for another day

Hugs from a chilled South Texas…. 36* right now at  8 pm….Birgit


  1. Birgit, they are adorable. Can't wait to meet the doggies too. I just love animals even though they are a lot of work. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

  2. Yes, I am also having trouble posting.

  3. I love kitties. I'd have some myself if I could--hubby and son allergic. It is 10:30PM and 17degrees with snow. It's going down to 14 degrees tonight.

  4. Hi Birgit,

    I see comments are getting posted okay now! Yay!